10 pally kara run

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10 pally kara run

Postby Zonzede » Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:40 pm

Saturday I'm running a 10 pally kara run. What i'm looking for is ideas for bosses and input on raid makeup. Unlike the one currently out, we will remain pure pally for the whole run.

Right now, I'm planning on myself as the single prot tank. May have somebody with tanking gear as an offtank, to simplify moroes and his gouges. he's 40/21, has decent gear, and a pile of spelldamage for DPS when not tanking.
Two dedicated healers. The ones I know are actually pretty strong, and 2 healer kara runs aren't uncommon in the least.
At least one DPS Shockadin. High SP consecrates will rip apart trash pulls, and they can help on bosses a bit. If things hit the fan, swap up to healing.
They need to at least beat me in spelldamage though. I wont allow a shockadin in who doesn't.
Every remaining spot Ret.

From the interest I've already generated, it looks like 1 tank, 1 OT/ShockDPS, 2 heals, 1 Shock DPS, 5 Ret. All improved blessings and auras covered.

Trash, Consecratex10 lawl
Boss should be just as lawl.

Oh man. I will have a fraps of 10 holy wraths nuking the ballroom at once. Hell, i might even turn undead one of them to pull more for me.
On moroes too I think. pull with AS, have every pally follow up with Wrath, and go from there. I'll MT moroes and whatever adds stick to me, OT will keep on moroes and whatever adds stick to him.

Guest Chambers/Maiden
Only issue is making sure people don kill 2 different women at once, to give us both reduced melee and magic damage.
For maiden, Blessing of sacrificex10? No problem.

Opera Hall/Opera event
Again, 10 Holy Wrath and 10 Consecrate. Sickening.
If it's Riding Hood, no problem. If it's oz, I"ll pick up half, OT will pick up half (any suggestions on kill order?).
If it's R&J. First cockblock of the evening. Is there rhyme or reason to who Julianne heals? Only herself, or Romulo too? If it's only herself (or we can manipulate her to healing herself only) then it may be long, but doable. Get Romulo down to 20% or so, then take her down as 'fast' as we can. If she keeps healing Romulo though, it'd be really difficult to coordinate getting them both at once.
I hear if you speak to the organist after an opera wipe, he can change the play for you. Any truth to it?

Ah, the trusty nightbane anti-fear macro. If cooldowns look to be an issue, we can have OT be ready to pick him up for a round instead. Charred earth will be terribly annoying with the amount of melee we have, but we can deal with it.

Broken Stairs/Curator
Nothing of note in trash. Mass consecrate mana wyrms and the arcane anamoly.
DPS should be able to keep up with Curator's sparks ecently enough. I just hope we get enough time in on the big man during evocate.

Nothing of note in the library. Magic immune wyrms should actually be really simple, as we're much heavier on melee than the standard group.
Ah, Shade of Aran, Possible Cockblock #2. His abilities will be really simple. Blizzard can be avoided by DPS by standing in the center of the room and not moving, which is conveniently what you do for Flame Wreath too. Everybody can cleanse themselves out of Slow for Arcane Explosion too. When the mass poly comes (and it will come) we'll all regen to full, bubble out, and negate the pyroblast.
No interrupts will make us take more damage than your normal raid, and therefore more stressful on mana. I think it's actually really doable though.

Lawl 10 Consecrates/Holy Wrath. And chains? Lawl 10 bubbles.

Upper reaches/Netherspite
Trash is unremarkable.
Standard 2 man rotation for red and blue beams. I think for green, it'd be best to designate 2 ret as the official OOMers, and have them take the beam the entire phase. Pot up after the buff wears out, and continue normal DPS.

Chess event.
I'm playing the King. Anybody who opposes gets a raid kick =D

Medivh's chambers/Prince Malchezzar.
Trash is about as normal as trash gets.
Prince should be ook. Phases 2 will last a little longer than normal, but I totally outgear kara, so that shouldnt really be much. Besides, all those blocks will let ret go unworried about threat at all for phase 3. only concern is having DPS to a level that too many infernals don't land. All in melee range and Enfeeble only exacerbates it, but still, shouldn't be too bad.

Servant's Quarters/Beast Boss
Yes, we will do the beast boss. ZOMG, AOE FTW
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Postby somegaijin42 » Fri Nov 02, 2007 5:48 am

This actually sounds like a highly entertaining proposition! Can't wait for the post telling us all how it went!
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Postby Mortehl » Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:04 am

And the screenshots.
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Postby Dorvan » Fri Nov 02, 2007 10:23 am

This has actually been done, you can check out the video here:


I believe they needed to bring in a mage and rogue to finish Romulo and Julianne (no spell interrupts ftl), and they didn't do nightbane as I recall, but I think they did everything else...it's been a while since I watched it.
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Postby Suikano » Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:58 pm

That's how i recall it as well Dorvan.
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Postby Zonzede » Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:32 pm

Exactly, watching that video is what got me wanting to do this, improve on their job. NO swap outs, and EVERY boss downed.
Otherwise there's that Exception dangling over you all the time.
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Postby Dorvan » Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:46 pm

From their commentary, my understanding what that you can't OOM Julianne and it's simply impossible to DPS faster than she heals. Without interrupts it's a no-go, but if you think otherwise I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
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Postby Korath » Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:55 am

Or your get lucky and wont get that event :P

Big bad wolf would be great with 10 bubbles :)

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Postby Alanyor » Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:57 pm


Makes me proud in some way that my video of the 10 Pallys vs. Karazhan is why you want to make your own.

R&J isn't doable with 10 Paladins, whatever you think. :)

Problem of the missing bosses was the time - 2 or 3 had to work the next day and we didn't find anyone else at 2:00 AM without ID. Well, okay, and Nightbane .. didn't know that he was possible with PvP Trinket etc.

So I'm waiting for your video, let's see if you hit the 100k downloads at warcraftmovies with your version, I'm still 5k away. :)

(... and sry for the english ...)

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Postby NarfJones » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:38 am

I so totally want to do this on my server. I have 5 pally'd quite a few of the instances pre 70. I've also 5 pally'd ramparts. This idea is awesome. With all of the undead content, I'm really tempted to make a go. My only issue i think will be finding 7 ret paladins that output enough dps. It seems like holy wrath and exorcism go a long way towards correcting that. I have been inspired. I will take some screenshots and some video for y'all as well.

Would you say it takes overgeared tanks and healers for this?
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Postby Alanyor » Fri Nov 16, 2007 3:39 pm

No. Kara-Equip will do. :)
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Postby Thax » Fri Nov 30, 2007 3:06 pm

wtb update plzkthkbai
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