Kara pre-wotlk patch....no more crushes ?

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Kara pre-wotlk patch....no more crushes ?

Postby Hierax » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:46 am

Lots of Prince topics floating around lately as lots of us casuals are getting the badge gear to attempt these fights.

I was wondering, with the upcoming removal of Crushes from the Level+3 tables ie raids, will this go into effect before WotLK is released with the patch ?

Wondering...because , new talents, new defensive limits, ....what this will do to the short window for raids (kara in particular) if one can't be crushed anymore...will Prince be as scary (for folks at this gear level) w/o crushes.

yes - I fully realize Kara is gonna be a wasteland soon - but wondering what it will be like in that interum before the expansion hits.
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Postby Playdoh » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:45 am

basically from what i have seen Karazhan will be easy mode, at least in the PTR it is.

If you are tanking you are still going to want the 490 to be uncrittable, and as close to 102.4% "uncrushable". Even though the term will be non-existant, it actually means that nothing will hit you as a regular hit, everything will be missed, dodged, blocked, or parried, and what tank shouldn't want that.

But if you do not have 102.4% it will not be as crucial because normally the healers will be able to heal you from a normal hit.

Everyone is getting more talents if they spend deep enough in the perspective trees to boost mitigation, threat, healing, and dps which will make all instances and raids that much easier.
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