Raiding backwards, first time raid tanking

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Raiding backwards, first time raid tanking

Postby daemonym » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:47 am

Long post is long, say thank ya.

So I joined a raid guild this weekend with my friends and we’re expecting to get a ‘how to kara’ run Saturday. Instead, a few hours later guild leader says ‘ok invites are starting for SSC who’s signed up and set to go?’ long story short I wind up on add detail and the biggest highlight was my first raid was SSC. Every drop was an upgrade for somebody, half the raid was new and very very under geared, but got 3 kills none the less. I lawl at kara!

Last night the new membes were invited to kara to learn what raids are about and get a bit of gear with goal of half of it cleared. It was me OT, over geared war MT, 2 trees healing, 2 hunters, Spriest, mage, and 2 rogues. Attumen: the plan was for me to tank midnight once Attumen showed up, but the MT didn’t catch him right away so my trusty exorcism macro picked him up and we each tanked one a piece and downed them moments later. The drops were DE food and badges, but 3 pulls later the boots of elusion dropped and I got to replace the Flesh-beast’s Metal Greaves (cant item link at work ftl).

Cleared up to Moroes, got the healer burned down in no time and kept 1 other shackled and the other 2 stuck in frost traps and pet tanked for a few seconds in between. Then the MT starts getting gouged repeatedly a minute into the fight and I wind up being the MT while they pretended to dps. Fight ends soon after and our mage and hunter get a snazzy new cape (slightly longer than your average cape no less).

Maiden: I’m on cleanse spam while I pretend to heal and was rather Johnny on the spot with it if I say so myself, no tankadin drops sadly.

Opera: we get the wizard of oz, I was on Dorothy and eventually toto as well. Tin man was kited, strawman was set on fire and mostly ignored, MT handled the lion. Once the crone showed up me and the MT switched who was tanking her a few times from the tornado catching one of us and the other not backing up far enough. All in all easy but confusing fight because the MT (who has done this many times) never got this particular event.

Curator: took him down after 2 evocates, drops more DE food and the hunter won a roll for some sensible gloves. I pretended to heal and dps the disco balls.

Tried shade but had no real way to deal with the adds consistently so decided to come back later after a wipe.

On price, phase 1 was smooth and just at the end of phase 2 we get unlucky and get surrounded by hellfire spam after one lands on our enfeebled melee dps running away from prince. At this point we call it a night as its about 2am now.

End of the night I walked away with some grape boots, healing plate bracers, and enough badges (tyvm SSO supply bags) for the tanking libram, and too much excitement to sleep for a while lol. Will be putting together a more practical group tonight with a lock to take out the rest. Huge thanks to the maintankadin community for helping me gear up and know my role! Wouldn’t have had this much fun without all your help!!
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