MT's Kara Last Night

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MT's Kara Last Night

Postby towelliee » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:24 am

I did my first MT of Kara on my Paladin. I previously had done Kara like 50 times or more on my Warrior but now was time to test myself fully.

HP : 19.5K buffed

Arms Warrior
Fury Warrior
Paladin - Healer
Priest - Healer
Druid Healer
Shammy DPS

I decided to go nutz on Attunesmen and pull EVERYTHING until the last group I tanked them in the room where last mob was and toward end of killing all like 398394839348 Mobs they aggroed to me and I took them all on.

Crimson Serpant is awesome for burst threat and aggro so I held alll of them the whole time. Our healers are geared so it worked out.

Moroes was a bitch to solo tank because the warriors had trouble getting second threat whenever i was sapped gouged whatever he does. But we got him down

Side note no f'n pocket watch 70+ Kara runs and no watch :(

Maiden was a breeze even with her silence Ijust kept spamming concecrate and kept Sotc up at all times.

We ended up getting OZ piece of cake for us.

We cleared the opera and headed to the back door after 53 minutes

We had a few people go AFK so we said f it lets 8 man Nightbane and we did.

My biggest challenge I thought was going to be Prince and I was SOOOO wrong I guess cause I went from 15k Buffed to 19.5 in one week cause of badge gear and drops I was nervous.

But he BARELY hit me I went sub 30% only like once and it was so get away from infernals. I had to "sit" like twice just to get hit and take mana back. He was down in 4 min 56 seconds.

All in all I know now my limits and what I can and cant do. Time to see what I can do in ZA tonight. Their looking to have me pull like 3 sets of dragonhawk pats and gaunlet all way to top lol.

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Postby Snake-Aes » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:42 am

On Moroes: Tank him with your butt. Consecrate and judgment don't require facing so you don't have to look at him, and will still generate threat.
(gouge requires you to face the rogue).
If people go for the adds first, it's easymode.

I don't think you shoul pull the eagle gauntlet all at once. You can pull off doing like
Pull 1, kill windwalker, pull another, kill windwalker, pull another, kill windwalker. All while tanking everything else.
And dragonhawk pats is kinda insane =-P they really just have to die.
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