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Postby Hierax » Tue May 06, 2008 7:44 am

ldeboer wrote:
Hierax wrote:I had mana issues a bit in my initial heroic , as well as 5 mans - and this happens usually....3-5 secs into an initial trash pull - so maybe my upfront threat isn't great - but I have asked to have folks wait a couple secs for a shield, a consecrate - and to then go to town.

I just didn't like the aggro pull - given that Omen showed me with the lead by a wide margin - and I don't want the mana pressure of me virtually spamming JoR/SoR or Cons. w/o any regard.

Mana issues 3-5 secs into a pull whats your mana pool?

Not following the right balance of gear you should be able to spam consecrate continually so long as healer is healing you to make mana back.

sorry that came out wrong - 3-5 secs is when I lost aggro relative to when I pulled.

Mana issues only crop up about 2-3 pulls w/o a break - sometimes more if I am spamming to stay ahead on threat.

Mage/Hunter admitted competing to see who could draw aggro :(

Ran H-Ramps last night- had no issues with aggro.
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