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Magisters' Terrace 2nd Boss Vexallus made easy

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Postby caboom » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:07 am

Snake-Aes wrote:
fizikz wrote:
Snake-Aes wrote:I could reply exactly what I've done already and finish with "You'll see that I'm right" too, but that'd be destructive. I'm going to parse a combat log of that asshole of a boss. I'm getting that debuff every now and then and the only thing that could possibly hit them is consecration. I'm as certain that it works as you are that it doesn't.

there's a debuff the boss puts on you that does arcane damage to you, similar to what the pure energy does, but not the same...
That's logn solved =)
But the debuff I was taking was definitely the pure energy debuff,which is unresistible and undispellable, and the debuff the boss puts on you is dispellable and resistible. Something on the lines of arcane shock or whatever like that.

noticed the comments above and it might be the taunts that give u the debuff, i noticed those adds are tauntable(i usually taunt of the person's portrait in party pannel rather than on the mob that needs taunting, because i am using x-pearl frames and it highlights the guy that gets agro in red, so it's easier for me this way). So instincively, the day before, i taunted 2 adds on me when i saw one of my party mates grabbed agro(thought it was vexallus himself) and they most certainly died of my retri aura, so it might be the taunts maybe ? :P
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