magisters terrace?

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Postby Taijitu » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:40 am

anowyn wrote:As far as I can tell, that 3rd boss is untankable. Am I correct in this assessment? Should I just end up healing that fight? Every attempt on her in two runs and RF is gone before she even gets to me :(

First time I tried that fight on normal, I got charged and stunned right as I started to cast AS, and didn't get any initial aggro. That was a fun fight >:)
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Don't be scared of this instance!!

Postby Crathus » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:58 am

Don't be afraid! Ran Normal MT last night...

Tankadin (Me)
Pally Healer

The entire instance was a cake walk except for 3rd and 4th bosses...

AoE pulled every grp, NO CC!! 3rd boss sucked b/c of the agro issues, but we also did that with NO CC, just focus fired whatever happened to be attacking our healer.

Sunstrider was our only real hangup (no wipes until sunstrider - 4 wipes on sunstrider)

Basically, we dps'd him until the bird came out. Hunter grabed and kited/killed bird and egg with boomkin help (easy)... Then we dps'd sunstrider down to about 40% before he did his first gravity shift. Hunter and boomkin dps'd him down to 23% during 1st gravity shift. Healer Died, Boomkin Died, then during down time the hunter and rogue took him down his last 23% before the 2nd gravity shift.

In short... you can have a pally healer through everything without a problem until Sunstrider, where you'll still be ok as long as you have leet ranged dps.

Mind you, this was in normal :) I can see the heroic being harder, but if you have the CC and a druid healer/off-healer it shouldn't be too bad.

Try it! It was lots of fun with the new mobs and boss fights :)
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Postby Dnasheen2 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:44 am

We did normal, and AOE pulled most groups, and it wasnt that bad.

The last few packs with the Naga caster that does chain lightning and the Consortium dude that teleports around gave us a nice surprise, so we ended up CCing them for the following pulls.

3rd boss was messy and did not realize they reset aggro so often, and I was swearing under my breath at what the hell was going on.

Wiped on Keal once cuz we din really know what to do, but second time got him down.

We went back in again for Heroic, and we just kept wiping on the 2nd boss. We had a ZA geared Pally healer, and she just couldnt keep up with the AOE damage. Ported back to IF to buy some Major Arcane Prot Pots (new lock summon ftw), and still couldnt down 2nd boss. After a couple more wipes, we called it.

Anyone have any suggestions for the 2nd boss in Heroic? This is our regular Heroic grp that I run with and I don't really want to swap to a different healer.
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Postby Pursan » Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:06 pm

Ran it last night with guildies (PvP guild though) and had some trouble but we finished. None of us had read up on the instance so we spent a wipe learning kill order on trash. (Still working on getting that down) Our group was Me (pally tank), resto shaman, frost mage, lock, ele shammy. I am in 5 man blues and crafted epics and have not stepped foot into a heroic or kara. The first boss was easy even though we ignored the crystals, something about that fight seemed dragon ball z, second boss we wiped then figured out to kill balls and went fine. Third boss was tough, we wiped twice and in the end treated it like a 5v5 which my guildies loved. We couldnt stay alive on kael until our lock accidentally started kiting the phoenix, then it became clear. Next attempt we finished him and I got my epic gem.

All in all i liked it, although I cant say the same for our healer. Hearing others say that this is like an easy heroic is a blessing though cause i am trying to convince them to run some with me and i dont want to PuG my first heroic. I will definatly be going back to Mag Ter though, i really want that phoenix pet.
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Postby Andox » Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:36 pm

Ran the normal this morning with this group

Me tanking
Holy paladin
Melee Shaman

Everyone from the guild, we are 5/6 SSC and 3/4 TK ( Trying to give a hint about our gear level )

Noone of us had done MT before, so we wa a bit nervous. We sat on VT and chitchatted abit during the instance. Before we started I talked a bit with our MT (Warrior) about the instance. He said that the trash was strange and only about 10% of the trash was tankable. I thought "omg, this will be hard".

But It wasn´t. Alll the trash was tankable, exaept for the third boss. But yes, the instance was pretty easy, no deaths and no wipes at all. We oneshotted every boss, our DPS was insane and the bosses went down pretty quick.

I havn´t tried heroic mode yet, I think I´ll do it later tonight, and tomorrow, I gotto farm my trinket from the third boss now, I want it before our MT, abit of a e-peen competition between us. But the normal mode isn´t hard, everyone saying that Mt normal is hard need to gear up abit, get some better experience or just get a better group. If we can go in and oneshot every boss with no xp in MT before you can do it aswell. Good luck.
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Postby Oriax » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:33 pm

We did it today, normal and it went pretty fast and ok without any trouble really.
Then we tried heroic and wiped on the 2nd boss pretty asap. Tried 2 more times and finally got him down. I tanked him up on the stairs where he stands, and just went normal rotation of spells. When those flares came we killed them fast and all just went all out all the time on boss. Kinda dps/heal-race there. I had to pop LoH in the end due to all being dead and I was oom but last Judgement got him. Was really tight though.
3rd boss is abit messy and can't really tell how we got that one down since I lost all aggro due to purges from boss and mobs was allover but we made it somehow.

After that it got late and we had raid, so we said we would come back after raid.
We started again, killed trash-respawns, but when we came to first boss, the door was closed so we couldn't continue after that, which was kinda weird.

Does anyone know if you can't stop and go back later because that door closes after a certain time with noone in instance or did we miss anything ?

Didn't see or noticed that in other heroics but maybe something special only there or something. Abit disappointing anyway, we wanted to get Kael down but now have to wait for reset to even try him heroic :/
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Postby Moses » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:21 pm

Cleared it on the first attempt with me tanking (kara/blues) and the rest of the party from the guild raiders (mostly t5ish/ZA). We had a few wipes here and there learning about the mobs. It's a lot harder than any other 5man out there although i think druid tanks would shine due to the large amounts of magic damage.

I was a little intimidated to try heroic though since regular was difficult compared to the others but I figured it was worth a shot. Compared to the difference between the other heroic dungeons and their normal counterparts heroic MgT is a lot closer to the regular. The trash only hits a little bit harder than on normal, although it seems like the healers heal for a LOT more. The server crashed on the 3rd boss while we were still working on her. She is hard and I am going to scout her out before starting tomorrow. Honestly if you have tanked it on normal I recommend you try it on heroic and see how it works for you. I didn't expect to do near as well as I did.
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Postby Holyfuri » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:34 pm

Tanked heroic today for the first time. AoE tanked everything, needed couple of cc on the third boss and coordination to control them, other than that was cake.

PS- I did have the lock banish the succys to be safe, didn't want them seducing my healer with five mobs on me =/

Me tanking
Pally healer (~2100 healing)

We just kited the adds around, kept them stunned/interrrupted/dazed etc. Got it in a couple attempts.

Kael is definetely rough, but doable. Just please stop the pyroblast, it DOES hit for 46k! believe me
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Postby Laikar » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:19 pm

I'm sitting here, watching my wife's priest try to heal this place in Normal mode, with an epiced out warrior tanking... and getting rather worried for my own attempt later.

This place seems to hit incredibly hard.. can anyone advise as to if you really do need epics to do normal like I keep being told on my server, or is it just people playing sloppy and overly used to epiced out tanks.
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Postby Moses » Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:05 pm

Laikar wrote:I'm sitting here, watching my wife's priest try to heal this place in Normal mode, with an epiced out warrior tanking... and getting rather worried for my own attempt later.

This place seems to hit incredibly hard.. can anyone advise as to if you really do need epics to do normal like I keep being told on my server, or is it just people playing sloppy and overly used to epiced out tanks.

I don't think you NEED epics but you should have good tanking gear. You should have the best enchants/gear available to you though. Also if you are having trouble aoe tanking as a pally don't be afraid to let the dps tank one. You take about the same damage as they do so it's not all that stressful on the healer, as long as he/she is awake and knows what you are doing. Taking a mage helps a lot because not only can they CC one but they can spellsteal a stacking 10%cast haste per cast off the mage trash that makes the mages damage much more manageable.

You should be better off having watched it run through at least once and have a good idea what is coming. This instances trash is all random as far as I can tell. there are a few spots where you can pick which two groups to clear if you aren't full clearing for rep. Skip the groups that look like they have classes you don't want to deal with. I think the naga is my least favorite trash mob.
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Postby ldeboer » Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:28 pm

Laikar wrote:I'm sitting here, watching my wife's priest try to heal this place in Normal mode, with an epiced out warrior tanking... and getting rather worried for my own attempt later.

This place seems to hit incredibly hard.. can anyone advise as to if you really do need epics to do normal like I keep being told on my server, or is it just people playing sloppy and overly used to epiced out tanks.

Finished it last night as a newbie tank I had to go for all out HP think anything below 12.5K for normal heroic think you would need lots of cc.
Only got 3 epics and 1 is the S1 mace :)

Like everyones comments its an easy heroic in normal mode and you need a range dps/cc very hard with all melee.

First boss is easy like Steam Vaults last boss except with xtals

Second boss is easy as long as you don't consecrate (killing adds gives debuff and they die with as little as 500 hit)

Third boss and pulls to it are where its real hard. It's like the moroes fight but boss dumps agro and runs around. It actually doesnt hit that hard the adds do :) All about controlling the adds.

Last boss is easiest from tanking point just stand and tank move if any eggs, portals or birds come near. When you enter stage 2 which puts u floating in air ignore it you must avoid the balls and I healed myself cause hard on healers everyone getting life drained. I launched shield in air as we landed and he came right back to me so i would say agro table wipes.
Nuke the crud out of him then. Really most die to balls in this phase.
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Postby Dianora » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:32 pm

Did both normal (attune) and heroic (the heroic group I went had much better dps, rogue, pvp warlock, BM hunter). Even in heroic, I was surprise on how fast things dies. Benefit of doing this with guild dps. I'm dreading doing this with PUG dps.

Wipe a couple of times on normal Kael until we got the swing of things. Boss #2 in normal basically didn't teach us anything useful going into heroic (we basically just burn him down in normal). We wipe more times on boss #2 than not just to figure out how NOT to do him in heroic. We basically divide up who's going to kill which add and then burn down the boss.

With proper amount of DPS, Kael in heroic is also kind of a joke.

It doesn't favor paladin tank, but it really doesn't hinder us either. Yes, it has more caster than melee, but that's kind of appropriate when you consider the name of the instance. Since there's plenty of corners to LoS pull everything, pally pull isn't an issue.

I use CC whenever applicable, and I'm very grateful for the Avenger's Shield fix. Now I can pull without breaking CC.

Run #1, no trinket.
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Postby Gracerath » Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:43 am

This place wasn't as bad as I originally thought. We went in on normal and thinking we outgear the instance by a good bit we'd be fine. Two trash wipes later, we figure out that okay, we need to be killing this shit in an order.

I feel sorry for holy paladins trying to heal this instance with all the AE damage that flies around.

The arcane boss is a pain but our smoothest kill ever, we had our warlock put on all his highest stamina gear and blessing of kings and we just had him kill the first 3 or 4 sets of sparks on heroic. He had the hps to survive the dot and a searing pain is enough to kill them quickly. I think he made a macro to target them and cast because I kept hearing on vent when I announced that they spawned "Where? I can't see them." Consecrate doesn't seem to hit the adds. We don't really want to kill one anyway because the debuff from killing them adds 50% arcane damage taken and increases damage done. The warlock said he was getting 8k shadow bolts by the time we killed the boss. The swarms of fish actually lagged my computer badly when I pulled the whole room. I did manage something silly like 5k dps. I think the warlock said something like 10k for him. Insane. If you are feeling up to it, you can kill all the packs of fish and then immediately engage the boss. The fish give a stacking damage buff that lasts for 30 seconds or so on heroic that increases all damage done. The more fish you kill, the larger the % but I believe it caps at 25%.

First time we fought the 3rd boss, it became and epic battle between myself and the demon engineer that throws bombs and summons explosive sheep. Everyone died and actually had time to zone back in and run to me before we could kill him off. Just had a bad pull at the start and the healer got pasted. Remember guys, we can fear demons now too. I used it to great success.

Kael is pretty fun. Its neat that now everyone can experience one of the most unique boss encounter mechanics in the game without a raid instance. His fireballs hit for ~5k on heroic.
Bye space sword!
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Postby Laikar » Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:57 am

Well.. I was "fortunate" enough to be pulled into my wife's epic run of this place on Normal when her group's tank left three hours in, when they were busy wiping on the third boss, I must admit I expected to get soundly trounced but, using the groups' knowledge gained through wipes, we one shotted the third boss.. I did find it impossible to hold agro though, which I have never enjoyed.

Group consisted of two PvP mages, a PvP Warlock, myself and my wife's priest.. when we got to Kael, we suffered alot.. but honestly I get the feeling that was more from not knowing the instance than anything else. I ended up getting my warrior, who has much better gear, and respecing him to try and tank but sadly the group broke up after we had another wipe, not surprising, the two original members left had been there for nearly four hours.

Other than myself and my wife, gear was definitely better than one could get from Normal instancing.

I get the feeling the problem that people like myself are finding with this is that it claims to be a Normal instance, but has (as people have said) the difficulty of a heroic... gearing up to be able to hit heroics is getting harder and harder on my server at least, I was hoping this was an extra place to do it >.<

It definitely seems to have been balanced around people used to heroics/raid level tactics and with excellent gear..... I actually really really do like the look and feel of the instance, and look forward to mastering it, but it is certainly going to be a real shock to alot of people who think its just a Normal instance. I would not at all be surprised if we see it nerfed some.
"We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies, like fools we clung to the old hatreds, and fought as we had for generations."
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Postby Huon » Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:48 am

Enslave, dont banish, the succubus... they can solo magisters and warlocks.

they can also seduce AND it wont break on damage!
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