Nobody will let me tank ANY heroic

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Postby kalbear » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:55 pm don't have other friends to run this with you?

For starters, what heroics are you trying to do? Doing some of the dailies is basically going to be impossible with your level of gear. Doing a non-daily though would be fine. I would start with asking for a heroic SP run. It's not a hard instance, the bosses are totally trivial, and the loot isn't too bad. Underbog is also a good choice, especially since he drops such nice epic leather pants - it's usually easy to get a couple rogues or druids or even shamen interested.

Mostly it's about friends. Heroics are going to be hard, and if you've not done one chances are you're going to screw it up. You do need to manage CC, watch aggro, make sure you've done your homework about the mobs and do the kill order properly. If you don't have forgiving friends this may not work out for you.

I'm also curious - who put greater blessing of salvation on you?
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