Learning some pulls

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Learning some pulls

Postby Big Mushy » Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:23 pm

Just a quick note to ask how the other tankadins do some of the more annoying pulls.

Shattered Halls first big room, on a standard 5 man I just tell the group to AoE them down after I gather them all together (normally use Arc torrent to stop one of the casters and drag him to the other) but in a heroic I don't think I'd last long doing that (in life and in the group)

Also Shadow Labs just before boss #2 the 4-6 pulls with the demons, how is that sposed to be done I normally give out CC orders (Priest MC, and Rogue sap and solo demon) and I'll try to pull them around the corner and hold everything, but again not so sure how well that will work in a heroic.

So oh wise and powerful Tankadins please help, how is the shattered group pulled (without pulling everything in the room) and the Slabs what is the kill order and the best way to pull?

Thanks in advance
Big Mushy
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Postby fuzzygeek » Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:44 pm

Depends on how good your gear and your healers are; if your healer can keep you alive, you can keep all the mobs stuck to you.

In SH you can throw your shield at something, then LOS the pack around the doorway. Everything'll stack up in a nice tidy bunch -- even the casters. If your gear and healer are good enough, you can do this on heroic. Otherwise you can do this room in 2-3 pulls -- wait for the Lego to pat to the far left, toss shield at far right. Then do the reverse; this keeps the pull down to 3-4 mobs at a time.

If I want to do the entire room at once, I'll toss my shield in one direction and Mana Tap a caster on the other end, to make sure I aggro them all.

In SL we fight the majority of the room in the hallway leading in; you can LOS the mobs behind the pillar half-way through the hallway. Throw shield, run back behind the pillar, wait for mobs to group up nicely on you.

If you can't survive AOEing them, have a mage sheep something while they're on the way, or sap before the pull, etc.

You can do the three pulls in the middle of the hall to behind the pillar, then the sides can be pulled LOS into the doorway.

Again, depending on gear and healer, you can AOE these on heroic, but that mindflay's a bitch.
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