NORMAL BM - how do you do it w/o OOM?

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Postby Eltari » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:15 pm

I have done Black Morass (only normal) a few times. Enough to get my head enchant. The most successful way we have dealt with that adds is that I let the first few go through (don't even touch them) while I build up threat on the boss.

That keeps the dps busy for .. oh .. 2s killing those adds, and gives me a bit of head start. After that I drop Rank 1 Consecrate to get the attention of any new adds, and keep Holy Shield up to keep it.

After the first couple of adds, I try to keep them all on me, but we always have someone (usually a beastmaster hunter, dps warrior, enhance shaman) whose job it is to watch for any adds which sneak out and beat them down.
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Postby ldeboer » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:58 pm

>Depends on how's the tank's gear. If he's t5+ geared, holding adds in >Heroic Bm aint rly a issue and they hit hard enough to refill mana even >with max ranked Cons spam. If less i'd higly recommend some dps war ->ret pally - bm huntard - lolguard lock - frost mage - feral dr00d - >whateveryoulike dpstanking them

Sorry Worldie but if he is in T5+ gear what the hell would he be bothering with BM heroic or not
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Postby Uthadanin » Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:48 pm

We bring 2 tanks to bm normally via a feral druid. I pull the first couple portals. He takes one while I drink, he switches out to human and tosses up enough hots to keep us healthy while the healer drinks. Rinse and repeat.

When i don't have a feral in the group i better have a shadow priest in dps for the mana.

BM is very hard to do with 5 mana using toons (Pally tank, pally healer, mage, mage, lock). To do it this way i toss on some healing gear (crystal pulse sheild with +12 int enchant, healing weapon with +30 int enchant) for the mp5, superior mana oil, blessing of wisdom.
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Postby Equitas » Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:08 pm

I did BM Normal as a lvl 69 Tank today Group setup was:

Fury Warrior (with Def Gear for 2nd boss )
Heal Priest
Melee Schaman

The Hunter took care of any and all mobs running from the portal to Medivh, if hes good he will help kill the rift lord.
I ran around with Blessing of Wisdom buffed on me, seal of wisdom always on, when riftlord spawns i did a judge followed by reseal with Righteousness + consecrate, holy shield up. and then kept tanking him, everyone had omen and everybody was taking care not to overaggro.

Sometimes Hunter and fury warrior would switch and change their roles, i.e hunter dps riftlord fury warrior smashing adds face in.

This works great up until portal 11/12, we had to blow 1 chrono signal because we screwed up after the second boss, where btw the fury warrior tanked and i helped healing with flash of light, hunter still taking care of the adds and dpsing boss. Somehow we screwed up and 1-2 portals were open and mobs flooding the shield, luckily 1 chrono signal was enough to take care of that and we quickly dpsd the rifts down.

One wave 15 16 17 we blew our chrono signals to speed it up a little bit.

I tanked the boss and boy if youre not at 490 def he crits hard, especially as you cant dodge/parry/block him during time freeze and you will eat crits, the healer might go oom our priest had to pop a potion and schammy helped out healing so yeah..

heres my gear: ... &n=Equitas

Just make sure you have good DPS and the healer is excellent.

I run SV with the same setup and its a breeze :)

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Re: NORMAL BM - how do you do it w/o OOM?

Postby gworroll » Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:48 am

kalbear wrote:I tried a normal BM run for the first time tanking and it went really badly. No one died - we all overgeared the place - but I couldn't keep aggro because I was running out of mana left and right and couldn't drink between pulls. That meant adds running rampant and kind of chaos on the healer. I went to my threat/grinding set but it wasn't any good; I still couldn't keep my mana high enough between pulls.

What do people do to manage this? Just drink and let the portal boss chill out for a while? And what have you found to be the better positioning of the consecrate for picking up the adds?

You overgeared?

Put lesser gear on.

I do. I also include 2/5 Righteous, it's got intellect and Mp5 to help with mana longevity, spell damage, and the set bonus makes consecrate quite a bit cheaper. The Righteous Legs have Spellthread on them too, more for AoE grinding purposes but it also helps when my other gear far exceeds the instance.

Also, Blessing of Wisdom. I also seal/judge Wisdom.

The extra spell damage I stack counters the threat nerf I take over seal/judgement of righteousness or Blessing of Sanctuary.

And tank everything. With the miniboss and all adds on you, you'll be taking more damage and therefore get more mana back. Even a downranked consecrate should hold over healing aggro. If you go max rank you can just have the DPS aoe whenever adds are up, they'll drop the adds without pulling much DPS off the elite. So the fight goes faster, meaning you use less mana and might have a chance to get a few ticks of drinking off before the next portal.
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Postby Thanehand » Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:19 am

Ran this (normal) last night with my T4 equivalent geared Prot Pally. Learnt a few lessons along the way :)

Firstly before doing anything I'd check with your healer (mine was a just-lvl 70 resto druid alt who's spent the rest of his wow life being a prot warrior :D)

As suggested before I'd drop lots of avoidance gear for spelldmg gear, in particular I used the legs and hands of D3 gear for less consc cost, and swapped neck and rings to spelldmg gear.
Also used Blessing of Wisdom
(13K health, 50% avoidance without shield and 6k mana pool, 500 spelldmg)

Each boss I'd open with AS, run in and Full rank consc, JoR and then stick SoW up. After AS I found the best thing was to take of your shield and stick it in your bags. (You can quickly equip it if needed :D)
This leaves you with less mitigation, but still a 1-h for One-Handed Specialisation (if you have it ofc). The heals were more than enough to keep me up, as well as keeping my mana pool refreshing, and rank one consc kept any adds on me while the dps just single target-dpsed the mini-bosses down. Spelldmg should be more than enough to keep aggro without shield :)
(except for my damn fire-mage who insisted on opening with Pyro before I got there :D)

Kept the shield on for the bosses tho, since you get a long time to drink afterwards :)
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Postby Balanor » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:12 pm

I don't mean to sound condescending, but if you are talking about going OOM on a normal BM run you are definately doing something wrong. I have around 12.4K hps unbuffed and maybe 4800 mana and have NEVER had an issue with mana in BM. Look at my gear sucks and I can tank the Rift Keeper/Bosses + adds and end up with 40-50% mana by the end of the fight (if not more).

Of course I also downrank spells for this. After pulling with max rank AS, I run in with max rank SoR, JoR, max Consecration, then rank 1 HS and rank 1 consecrate. Positioning is key here as you want all the adds on you as they walk to Medivh. I use SoV from this point on and only judge it once I have a 5 Stack.

None of the other party members are particularly geared out as well as we are all pretty casual. Maybe you are over geared for this in which case, you could throw on a threat set or take off a couple pieces of armor?
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Postby 2ndNin » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:13 am

Tank Backwards.

Consecrate the ads, keep the boss in front of you (you want reactive threat when you are low on mana) and let the ones to your rear deal you damage to keep your mana up. Also engaging early while the heal is drinking works well as your health will get kicked back up when the healer get there meaning some mana :D, caution though, if you die before the healer gets there they are likely to be annoyed.
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Postby Lakirby » Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:22 am

2 possible solutions here:

- Switch to a dress
- Remove pants

Both are workable. :)
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Postby Cynnammon » Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:04 am

ran this twice last night...ran OOM on the first run like crazy, even with my boots off, downranking spells, and letting all the adds beat on me. righteous pants dropped on the last boss, grabbed those, and wore those for the entire second round. no mana issues during the second round.


i too prefer a shadow priest in the group as well for the mana return. i remember going in here when i was getting keyed, and it being a nightmare. though at that point, my gear was crap and two of my dpsers had major connection issues. not bad now though :)
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Postby TheHonage » Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:31 am

I use judge wisdom, seal wisdom on every other trash (judge wisdom, seal right on the rest) and spam hs + consecrete (using ret aura and blessing of sanc)
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Postby Rykis » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:25 am

clango wrote:
Boudi wrote:D) you're just standing there doing /flex (/flex generates 10TPS true story)

??? o.O

Say, wah? If this is true I have no problem with working that into one of my macros. Do you have proof of this?

I followed the same tactic as many others. Down ranking concentration, and judging wisdom on the rift guy immediately. I can't remember if I had BoW on myself or not, but I definitely did on my healer.

If you have someone on adds, you can take a moment or two to drink before tanking again. A few adds will slip buy, but a good dps class can take em down w/ little to no problems. This really helps buy some time.

I love this instance. It reminds me of old school games like Joust.
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Postby Shirak » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:26 pm

I just grab everything and hold it with consicrate. after mini boss is down, drink and move to next boss. You have time. If an add has already headed to Medivah, then hit it with your melee weapon on your way to pick up the boss. Easy as cake for a prot Pali.
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Postby Amirya » Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:10 am

I just ran this tonight - healadin friend needed it to finish his Kara attunement.

So our initial set up (after determining the warlock was not, in fact, able to enter) was warrior tank, healadin, hunter, my shadow priest companion, and I was on my frost mage. I tell him, if you can keep them in relatively one area with a thunderclap, I can handle the adds.

Even with Salv on, I was generating way more threat. It just sucked all around.

I suggested that I could tank it, if the warrior was willing to respec (and I was going to offer to pay for it, too). Nope. So I tanked, and he was supposed to just beat up the mobs as they ran through my consecrate.


We were on the verge of just calling it, but warrior tank left, and I brought in a fury warrior friend of mine (he so rocked the adds, Medivh's shield was at 100% at Aeonus' death).

Anyway. I had to pop a couple of mana pots, but mostly because we were taking a tad bit too long to get the mini-bosses down. Once they were down, I just took off to the next rift, and let the warrior or hunter handle the remaining adds. I Judged Wisdom, and then if I was running low on mana, Sealed it too. Otherwise, I took the damage, got the heals, got mana.

Very happy healadin when we logged for the night.

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Postby Mizak » Fri Feb 08, 2008 1:24 pm

Another tip is that you don't need to spam consecrate, which will definitely eat up your mana pool. The adds come out of the portal at a certain rate, and I found that you can hit consecrate right as they are appearing and nab them. Be sure to also position yourself properly between the portal and Medivh, otherwise your consecrate may miss the mobs.

As others have suggested, you can also downgrade to a level 1 consecrate and spam that, however your group has to be good about not off-targeting, and there's no AOEs. When I time my full-level consecrate doing max dmg, this allows casters, hunters, etc. to use their AOE abilities, and it goes faster.

Also, right after the rift lord dies and you are no longer in combat, DRINK IMMEDIATELY. Even though the next rift lord may have appeared, you have a little time to mana up before you engage him, even if a few adds have been summoned. I usually drink up to 1/3 of my mana pool then engage, grabbing the adds (if any) on my way back to the rift lord.
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