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Postby Kaelie » Sun Jan 06, 2008 8:38 am

I've only ever tanked and still have ~900 healing from picking up stuff the healers didn't want or grabbing heal quest rewards when there was no tank stuff.
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Postby Toecaro » Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:04 am

Zeels wrote:
Questioner wrote:
Zeels wrote:Tbh, for harder heroics you need a healer with 1500-1600+ minimum (that is when pugging).

I heal T5 content with 1400 +healing, so I would say that's a bit high :D

All I'm saying is and esp if you aren't that well geared for heroics, take a 1600+ healer with you. Even if he dosen't have the skills at least he will have the gear to keep you up.

Not always true. I tried running heroic... something. can't remember what :S with a +2200 pally the other day. terrifyingly painful. wasnt a dps problem. wasnt me getting instagibbed. he just sucked. he'd HL a rogue with 2k dmg on him and no aggro, then fail to get off any heal at all on me. for 5 seconds.

bad healers are bad healers. gear does not make a good player. on the other hand, find a good healer with good gear (1300ish) and you'll be happy as can be.
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Postby grymwulf » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:52 am

For crypts you really want two things:

Druid or Holy Priest healer (Instant heals ftw!)

+1200 or better healing

The debuff off the first boss will kill you dead by nearly doubling the cast time on heals. So you REALLY need someone who can throw an instant emergency heal out. Prayer of Mending/Circle of Healing for priests, and Regen/Lifebloom for Druid.
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Postby Barristan » Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:54 pm

I'm kinda laughing at the replies about you need a healer with xxxx healing to handle heroics if you're slightly undergeared.

Basically, a shitty healer with 2k healing is still a shitty healer. The bigger their plus healing is doesn't suddenly make them a decent player. My friend and I have been running heroics for the last two weeks now and she has had the worst luck with drops. Halfway through exalted with CE, no gloves for her. Halfway through exalted with Black Morass, no bracers. She's been playing healers in WoW since she started playing the game a few years back. I'd take her with 900 healing over pretty much anyone with 1600.

We've done Sethekk, Auchenai, Underbog, Ramparts, Botanica, Mechanar, Slave Pens, Mana Tombs and Black Morass... all with her being the only healer and all went fine.

If someone's bad they aren't going to be able to compensate for that with more +healing. A good healer can do heroics just fine if their gear isn't up to par.
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