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Postby Flex » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:37 am

AOE tanking it isn't hard or difficult. I'm in a small guild and the guild healers have only healed up through Kara for gear and are using badge gear otherwise. I also have an outside resto druid I enjoy who has a few Tier 5 level drops who can heal me while AOE tanking it.

If I have CC available to me I'll use it as I know there is a lot of incoming damage, but at the same time I know we can do it with minimal to no CC as well.

Mine (in t6) can't even with mindless biggest-rank heal spam, i'm dead at the first stun that hits the healer.

Sounds like a healer who is too used to raid healing and forgot small group healing to me.
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Postby Cosmoz » Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:13 pm

yea. raidhealers, those that only to 25-man these days, are used to have several other healers back them up. cover flaws in their healing or whatever. if you AOE Heroics (at least some of the harder ones) there is no time for slacking. and if the healer IS slacking, and you still do it easily, I start pulling 2 groups a time :) (not in HC MgT tho, but very often in SP/SH/bot)
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