Arcatraz Infernal's question

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Arcatraz Infernal's question

Postby thangos » Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:51 am

Wondering about the way you do them? the ones right before last boss i think there are 2 of them... if your in blues and not uber epics can you do them on heroic? or do you just need to get a fire resist set before trying? I have been telling my groups to stack up on me in normal mode but on heroics seems like they are impossible in my blues... well unless i have 2 healers in group but you lose a lot of DP that way.
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Postby Worldie » Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:43 am

There's no way to do them except stacking people on top of each other.

It doesn't depend on the tank's gear, it depends on the healer's gear.

However, attempting Arca heroic in just "fullblues" sounds like suicidal to me.
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Postby Vagrant » Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:18 am

Note: the Fire Shield can not be dispelled, purged or spellstolen.
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Postby Ohmslaw » Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:31 am

This is how we managed it:

Have everyone turn on caster bars.

Ranged stay just out of the range of the fire shield damage until the meteor cast shows up.

Run in for the hit then back outside the shield's range.

It's still brutal.
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Postby Tekkel » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:46 am

Tbh everyone can stand just a little bit behind u and not get hit by the fire shield.. But yeh get a priest if u can't manage with a pally. Aoe healing makes it far easier.

I've survived it with as a pally healer once when I was still holy with a druid tank, 2 rogues and a hunter. It's brutal but if everyone but the tank avoides the fire shield u can just manage if the dps is high enough before u go oom.
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Postby Metrodin » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:35 pm

They're annoying but as long as you pay attention to the cast bars they're relatively simple.

The best group makeup to completely trivialise them is Tankadin + Shadow Priest + Resto Shaman + 2 random dps.

Tank uses FR aura, freeing up the shaman to use Healing Stream to heal the whole group (ticking for ~140-150 every 2 secs in my assorted dungeon healing set with ~1300 healing)

Earth Shield on the tank, Water Shield on the shaman.

1-2 Chain heals post Meteor and the SP, with VE/VT, mops up the rest. Too easy.
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Postby Comma » Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:35 pm

Or shaman use fire resist totem, you use concentration aura.
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Postby Metrodin » Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:01 am

True. Concentration aura would be helpful for a a group with offensive casters.

I'm speaking more from a healing perspective, we tried to use FR totem and different auras, but the pure aoe healing power of Healing Stream + VE/VT + Chain Heal appeared to make it easiest for our group (or more specifically me, haha) at the time.
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