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Postby Galadedrid » Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:29 am

Kivas wrote:Chain ran old hillsbrad the other day with some guildies. I had no problem aoe tanking the entire instance, and held aggro pretty much the entire time. In comes last boss with the constant debuffing, I just wasnt able to get his attention, and blew all my mana on rebuffing RFS/SoR. All three attempts the 70 druid had to tank and i was relegated swinging my 2h =/

Any suggestions?

what i do is bust out my crappy good ole petrified lichen guard with its felsteel spike on it...

i really do think that proc has a high inherent threat... i was tanking heroic ramps for my guild... and before omokk a guildie was like "hey wheres your tank buff?"

i had tanked that entire instance without RF on with that shield... and didnt lose threat once. my spell damage is only 335 unbuffed also. so yeah invest in the shield... toss a felsteel spike on it... instant win.
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Postby Corynthia » Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:01 am

I have never had a problem with the Epoch Hunter. I also never bother to rebuff myself, sans seals. As an Alliance Paladin, I use SoV a bunch, and once it starts to tick off, the boss is pretty much glued to me.

But I start with a consecrate, pull him up against a building, and just SoV (resealing when it's dispelled and judging at 4-5 applications) and Consecrate. The Epoch Hunter is normally a breeze as long as we have no problems on the third wave of dragonkin (with the extra caster). That's the only time I ever come close to dying on the final portion of the script.

I find that a druid's hibernate really trivializes the whole end script. Also, if you can, save your HoJs for the final mobs of each of the three waves, and then run off to get into position to tank the next wave while your DPS burns the stunned mob down.

Hope that helps.
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