Tanking Heroic BM

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Tanking Heroic BM

Postby bedawson » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:59 pm

Need any advice on tanking heroic BM...going for epic girdle
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Postby Lieris » Sun Oct 21, 2007 7:00 pm

Here are a few pointers in no real order:

1. Stack block rating and spell damage
2. Do not have somebody on "add duty", just tank everything
3. Approach the portals from the angle at which the adds will come through towards Medivh and just drink until they start spawning (at which point you drop a consecration)
4. When approaching the portals do not aggro the boss mobs if people need mana, just stand there picking up the adds with down ranked spells whilst people drink up then charge in when they are ready and get the boss
5. Make sure your consecration covers the area through which the adds move, you don't want to be scrambling around trying to pick them up
6. Judge righteousness on the adds as they come towards you just to make sure you have aggro on them
7. You don't need to rush it too much, there is always time to drink between waves
8. Save the beacons for waves 13+
9. Make sure people understand how you approach the boss, far too many times I've had melee Leroy into the boss whilst the healer needs to drink
10. A shadow priest is a huge advantage
11. Always mount up when moving to portals unless the distance is very short

Okay... more than a few :P
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Postby DeadMilliken » Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:55 am

Lieris wrote:\10. A shadow priest is a huge advantage

....don't kill me but


Every single successful attempt of mine has been with a shadow priest. Every single failure has been lacking one and dps dies. (*I'm usually the last one standing)
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Postby Madmordigan » Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:53 am

Heroic BM is about fast, efficient killing of portal guardians.
The longer they are up, the more adds that spawn, the more mana that has to be spent dpsing/healing, the longer you have to drink inbetween, the further you are behind the ball on the next portal... etc.

Having said that, make sure your shadow priest has Little Wigs or knows how to recognize the haste buff on Temporus. Dispelling is very very important there, and Little Wigs will give you the notification in a way you won't miss it.

A hunter is also very usefull for Aeonus (along with little wigs) to use his Tranquilizing shot during Frenzy. Also make sure that everyone knows that if you wipe on aeonus to res and run immediately. If you've been AoE tanking the entire instance, you will have PLENTY of shield time to get back and buff and go again.

Your Mana users (specificall healer) should stock PLENTY mana potions and be ready to be popping pots at every timer if they are having any form of mana issue. Non-Mana Users should get health potions and pop them appropriately.

Wear your Dabiri's Enigma... specifically for the second boss. If you get too many stacks on you, blow your trinket to get rid fo them. Otherwise just use it with sense on every other pull.

And last but not least, change your aura appropriate by boss. Fire Aura for the Guardian that shoots frost bolts (because it's the blast wave and Pyroblast that kill), Shadow Aura for the shadow casting guardian, and Devotion for the rift lords.
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Postby Vagrant » Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:00 pm

Be wary or the Chronomancer or whatshisface adds, they do their own AoE in addition to the Keepers'.
This coupled with melee dps can be a heavy burden on your healer.
Maybe instruct your dps to kill that particular add every time it pops up.
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Postby Stings » Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:05 pm

I find assasin adds the worst. Their Kidney Shot can be quite nasty if you are tanking alot + a miniboss :)
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Postby Robbert » Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:21 pm

Got in a couple shots at heroic BM last night...learned a lot about this instance in heroic. Prot Pally-Holy Priest-Fire Mage-Ice Mage-Combat Dagger Rogue. Unfortunately we only had time for 2 runs at it...

First run...we tried keeping a mage back as goalie. Long story short...the portal elites didn't go down fast enough once we got past the 1st boss. We fell behind and wiped.

Second run...I tanked the adds with the portal boss while all dps focus fired down the portal elites. Around 5-10% health the mages opened up with AoE spells on top of me. For the 1st and 2nd boss, as time isn't as much of an issue, we returned to putting a mage on goalie duty. This worked through the first 2 bosses, but also resulted in us burning 2 beacons. We quickly fell behind on the last string of portals and Medivh was swamped with more adds than we could clear out...but we did almost make it to the 3rd boss (17th portal was open).

We should be trying again soon and I'm looking at one tweak to our strat so that I'm tanking the adds on the 1st and 2nd boss with 1 dps assigned to burning adds while the other 2 work on the boss. Hopefully I can hold aggro on all the mobs (caster adds may be a challenge) to take those bosses down w/out use of a beacon.

Assuming a group makes it past the 2nd boss with all 5 beacons...seems like the beacons are best used on the portal bosses from 13-17 as needed with any leftovers used on the 3rd boss.
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