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Postby Balanor » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:12 pm

Snake-Aes wrote:While you'll still need someone killing the adds, to not overwhelm you, it's fairly easy and recommended to take on the adds. Easier on your mana and on the healer too. Works even in heroic.
On heroic sure, but for normal BM runs (which he is talking about since hes talking about factioning up for the rep rewards) this is not true at all. I'll do the same as outlined by the OP and tell everyone just to focus on the Rift Keepers. The more I have on me, the better off my many is at the end of the fight. Be advised, I am poorly geared and have not yet stepped foot in Kara so take that for what its worth.

The other thing that makes this easy is to have everyone run back to Medivh when the 16th portal opens and then have everyone just DPS the adds that come out of the rifts as they march towards Medivh. When the 18th portal opens, make sure everyone is full mana and then tank him down. Nice thing is that everyone can drink while Aoenus beats on Medivh's shield and will not agro anyone until someone attacks him (which should be you the tank) :D
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Postby kalbear » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:24 pm

I love having a lock take care of the adds while I'd cons. They'd just do SoC on the elite. It'd have the nice habit of nuking the adds fairly easily.

On heroic you can't always do this - you need to nuke the elite down too fast. But if you don't, it's a great strategy. A mage AoE I'd imagine would work the same way.

As to positioning, it's just experimentation - but remember that they're going to make a beeline for medivh, and they're going to not come out exactly on-center. Experiment after a while, they'll come out the same way.
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