WOTLK Heroic Views

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WOTLK Heroic Views

Postby towelliee » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:38 am

Here are my experiences with Heroics in WOTLK thus far.

Gear: 2 piece T7 Bonus is nice 10% to HotR, BOE Shoulders, Block Rating Trinket, and Shield from Heroic Strat, also Leggings from Heroic Violet Hold.

I have 540 Defense on the dot with 22K unbuff and AVG 27K HP during my heroics.

Utgarde Pinnacle - Trash is simply not an issue. I am able to AOE tank all the trash. As for bosses. The 3rd boss which resembles the Shattered halls Gauntlet is by far the hardest to handle in the game. Mix of h-SH from TBC, Felmyst Cloud dodging. Best strat here is to rush the mobs and not stopping until your at the end of the hallway, concecrating and just aoe'ing them all down.

Side note you can also bug it out by rushing to end, dying, rezzing everyone. Have one person go initiate the fight at the beginning of the hallway. Once you do all mobs will spawn at once just concecrate take em down and your good to go.

Halls of Stone - Bronzebeard can seriously kiss my arse. The event for the NPC fight last 4 minutes. And you need to survive constant waves of adds. At first it seems like only one mob is coming out but its really 3! Put on Enemy frames and mow em down. I know yesterday we all died but Bronzebeard still got the computer to work before the mobs killed him. So yuo can still get your loot as long as the dwarf man is alive. Maiden of Grief is a pain in the ass. Just remember to stay in the black hole before shes about to stun you, so you can come out of it quicker.

Halls of Lightning - So far I believe every boss in this Heroic is a retard check sorry to say it like that. Last boss is said to be the hardest. If you can stack on his feet and run away from Nova AOE and get back to his feet fast, then you win, Nice 2H from here.

I will post more later on.
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Postby inthedrops » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:38 am

Keep it coming! I only just started myself having hit 80 a couple days ago. My first heroic was UP and I have to admit I was surprised how much incoming damage there was to deal with. I almost died numerous times. I was VERY happy to see that it wasn't a complete push over like I thought it was going to be.
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Postby guillex » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:46 am

There's now a sub-forum for all WotLK strategy posts ... Please continue up there.

I will get this moved to the correct section.
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