New patch = eating up heroics

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Postby Talima » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:32 pm

CKaz wrote:
Discus wrote:I might get banned for saying this but, please Blizz, Boost poor Warlocks! To have a T6 warlock going from clear leader of damage and dps to bottom is simply unfair.

My previous main was a Warlock, now I have a growing [Prot] Pally main.
Not only just the obvious DPS crush, but frankly nothing to look forward to, either [IMO].

edit - afflict is good on long lasting targets but miserable on trash
even on a boss, still might be a crunch to be near the top of the list

Having been affiliction all the way on my lock, I've found it far more hectic since 3.0 (and not all that fun) trying to keep all the dots going. And as you mentioned the problem with having to just shadowbolt trash as things die so fast.
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Postby Inukshuk » Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:38 am

Losbullitt wrote:SP is pretty easy. I did UB in about 45, no wipes, with two healers even. A nice 4 badges. :D

SP is indeed easy. I 3 manned it the other night with a priest and a hunter, and the hunter's the only one with even T4 gear. Though I guess none of that's going to matter in a week's time...
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