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Postby Kelaan » Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:25 am

Majiben wrote:The left path might have less trash but the right path has easier pulls. For your first few times I suggest you go right.

Really? I've not had many problems there. The pulls I take (and this will echo some previous posters ;)) are pretty straightforward, with the exception of one:

1) Center robot, pull back to the door area so he doesn't call friends. Oh yeah, apparently robots hit hard. I usually forget how hard.
2) Left Elves. I usu try to nuke the mage-type one first, but sometimes the healer.
3) Left robot.
4) Patrolling left robot. I always seem to screw this up, and get the 2 elves in the hallway by mistake. Stuns help a lot here. If you're far enough from the others, you can bubble briefly for a heal to land and then taunt/un-bubble, but that's risky. We usually wipe here once, and then Stop Sucking.
5) 2 elves at the top of the ramp.
6) Demon boss. Pull him onto the ramp, exorcism works well. Face him away, cleanse the debuff ... cake.

Then, I go left, skipping the big pack.

7) 2 elves at top of stairs. Pull the one nearest the wall, and the other is linked.
eight) Patrolling robot. Yay, HoJ is ready again.
9) 3 elves at the bottom of the stairs. Considering using HoJ on the arcane caster when she's ~50-60% health, and she'll often die before casting the little adds.
10) Patrolling robot.
11) Two mages at the elevator. I open hard on threat, and then basically spend the rest of the time cleansing the debuffs.
12) Demon grenadiers. These are surprisingly easy when the party is on the same wavelength as you. I prefer warlocks NOT to enslave here, but it CAN be effective, and great when you don't have a well geared tank and/or healer. I just circle strafe around them, dropping a consecrate and judging/exorcising like a spaz. ;) Often one will blink to the party when near-death.
13) LARGE demon pack. A mage or sap (?) for the humanoid, and a banish for the BIG demon, work out REALLY well here. I treat the little demons as the first kill targets. I do lose people here, sometimes, so I don't have it perfect ... and it's a real healer stress test I imagine. I often use potions and healthstones here, and occasionally bubble when things look really low. ;) An enslave can help a lot here, as the engineer can offtank the big guy, or help DPS the others down.
14) 2 grenadiers, 2 goo-spewers. Enslave/banish work well here, but an enterprising kiting class can also make it easier if you're not interested in tanking one of them. I believe they CAN be ice trapped.[/i]

Voila, then you just have the boss and the other key-holder miniboss. Circle strafing the demons should be practiced on Normal so that you can time it right; I tend to stop briefly so that they get a chance to target my new location... but that's messy when they aren't all tossing at once. Still, when it works it seems like hax. ;)
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Postby Andryana » Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:00 am

The first robots you encounter are different than the later ones that hit quite hard and have the charged fist, having said that is weird to wipe at those starting robots, i'm guessing that you didn't had a great healer because your stats are fine for heroic mechanar. On the charged fist robots stunning/interrupting their charged fist helps a lot.

A long time ago, the two mini-bosses also dropped badges of justice there's where Mech got the reputation of being easy badges imo, it's an easy instance but i still think that botanica and Underbog are easier than mech.
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Postby Discus » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:36 am

have more wipes on the area leading to the 1st stone holder than I do on the whole rest of H-Mech, including the firewhore

Yup, this thread has made me feel better and I will direct guildies here when they moan about me wiping the run at start of mech without fail. Once the first part is over it's an easy 4 badges (although fire b itch used to cause us issues)

For me the first pulls are the hardest and I can't seem to avoid pulling the pat robot on left and the 2 guards stood at entrace to the ramp. What I do is get everyone to wait by door and scream "RUN!" when i miss pull - they all run out, I bubble and follow.

Mech is still for me the fastest way to get 4 badges. Botanica is far easier but just way too long. Once you accept that a wipe or two before capacitus is normal it's not a problem. The bosses (expcepting fire whore) are stupidly easy.
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Postby majiben » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:39 am

It's prefectly possible to do the left path but the right path has mobs that are easier to mark (no weird views) and I've always found the positioning for the 1st real boss on the right path to be easier.
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Postby Katerina » Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:19 am

Majiben wrote:It's prefectly possible to do the left path but the right path has mobs that are easier to mark (no weird views) and I've always found the positioning for the 1st real boss on the right path to be easier.

Unless I have a lock to enslave, I clear the first room, go right to the first mini-boss (Mr. Raises-Fist-Passive-Aggressively), kill the first boss, then backtrack to the entrance and go left to kill the other mini-boss. At this point we can get the cache and head upstairs to firewhore, who seems a lot easier these days than I remember her being when my priest was in Kara gear and my pally was LFG Deadmines.

If I have a lock, I'll just go left and pull the Mr. Passive-Agressive after killing the boss. Really think it is about the same amount of trash (since you have to clear the bottom the stairs on that side instead of clearing up the right ramp and there is way more trash on the left side), but it is less wandering around.

I've always wondered at those that consider Mech to be among the easiest heroics to tank. Bot is considerably easier, both in terms of pulls, bosses, and gives more rep per run (more trash). And there are only a few robots instead of like 10. But then I don't think Ramps is all that easy either, as the dragon at the end requires some skill to tank (as opposed to setting the cat to consecrate every 10 seconds while you go get ice cream like most heroic bosses).

To the OP: You didn't mention how geared or skilled your healer was. And I suspect she was also standing too close. The robots at the beginning have an aoe kind of like arcane explosion. The later ones have the charged fist. If the squishies get >20 yards away they won't get hit by it. Cuddling with you - as huggable as you no doubt are - is just inadvisable.

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Postby Sederia » Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:47 am

left path, fast clear(aka what Dalaran insists on unless it's a rep run)
center robot
3 on left
left robot
pathing left robot
2 at bottom of ramp
2 at top of ramp
2 at top of ramp(time around pathing robot and 1 from the other group)
pathing robot on stairs
3 at bottom of ramp(good groups I just pull them with the robot or charge them and pick up the robot when he comes)
the short path robot(between the elevator and the bombers)
2 at elevator
the 4 bombers
the 3 bombers 1 engineer and 1 umm whatever he is
the 2 bombers 2 uglys
the boss
the other mini(mr hammer)

35 including both mini's and the robo-boss if I counted right
couple involve timing and i've mistimed where my shield hopped into another group or they were close enough to pick up argo
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Postby Threatco » Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:19 am

Theres a H mech walkthru in the blogs.
Explains everything.

I had no trouble handling non interrupted blasts from the robots with equal or less gear. I didn't even notice my health spike significantly at all from them. Maybe I just had a really good healer. I also did 2nd boss.

The real challenge it would seem is the non elite demons if you don't have a lock. The walkthru didn't give a very appealing strategy for these guys. all 4 dps tank 1 each spread out? Can anyone comment on if there others way to handle these guys without a warlock?

Also for the avengers shield pulling extra pulls from its now 15 yard (soon to be 10 yard) jump. I don't think i noticed anyone else mention the old pre level 50 strategy. Have a dps pull and then taunt. If it more then 3 mobs, then have them walk through a concencrate so the 4th that didn't get taunted will still aggro you. I find doing this is very easy and also makes your dps feel needed. (because we all know dps wish they were tanks... haha at least i did when i was dps.)
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Postby Sederia » Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:51 am

another way

pally tank(ofc)
mark kill order
throw shield, hit exorcism, charge in(all at once)
hit holy wrath(now that it's instant), hit concecrate
toss shield and hit exorcism, conc and wrath if they arn't dead when they refresh
MOVE AROUND THE WHOLE TIME, this way the bombs land around you and half miss
have group ranged dps them all down

or just an OP frost mage, my last run the mage solo'd 1 in the time it took the group to kill 1
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Postby Impervium » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:27 pm

Threatco wrote: (because we all know dps wish they were tanks... haha at least i did when i was dps.)

Well I know that's how I ended up as a pally. Also.. the new holy wrath makes killing the demon bombers easy. With a decent group of DPS you can usually get them AoEed down before they deal too much thanks to the stun.
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