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Postby Vingilot » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:23 pm

Hi fellow tanks I have this problem and want your advise and opinions about it:

I've been gearing myself to be uncrushable and at the moment I have this gear: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Garona&n=vingilot wich makes me almost uncrushable... according to tankadin I still need 0.03% of avoidance. I want to buy the libram but I need 15 badges to buy it, once I have it I can change some of my gems/enchants for +stam.

My problem is that i've tried both mech and SV on heroic but trash mobs are hitting me very hard and the healer had a hard time keeping me alive and we ended up wiping. I keep HS up all the time but still... wipe!

Am I with the right gear for heroics?? If I'm not what else do I need??

Thanks a bunch.
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Postby Marker » Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:21 pm

for Heroics, you will not need uncrushable, only mobs 3 levels above you can crush, hence at 70 only raid/10-man bosses can crush. Get Uncrittable (480 def for thrash and 485 def on HC bosses) and stack as much HP as possible. I'd also drop Andormu's for HCs. While it's great for initially getting uncrush there's alot more viable alternatives which also provides stam. I would gem more pure stamina for my HC gear if I were you, but if it's pieces you're gonna use for uncrush gear as well, I wouldn't bother regemming. I've always used 12k hp unbuffed as a benchmark for when you are comfortably ready for most HCs, but you can of course do with less based on group skill and gear.

If you can stand farming BGs without getting insane and poking your eyes out, I'd reccommend some of the S2 stuff as well. The shoulders will last you till first timed chest in ZA drops the Pauldrons of stone resolve, and the Gavel and shield are also gonna last you a long time.
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Postby caboom » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:04 am

1st of all start with SP, both mecha and SV are fairly harder

2nd get some items with high armor and stamina trinkets and ur good to go, don't bother with uncrushability, in heroics u need 3 things : uncrittability(490 def or 5.6% chance to not be crit), armor by the ton, and hp.

quick fix-ups pointers i could give u are :

get the KoT pants gem them for 3x12 and use them specifically for heroics, replace andormu's tear with some armor/hp ring, replace the adamantine figurine with gnomish poulterizer/goblin rocket launcher for heroics.
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Postby Clive » Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:12 am

Still, being close to uncrushability is no waste since it also means to be unhitable.

Anyway, for heroics you should be fine sticking at "close before uncrushability". For your heroic tanking gear you should focus on stamina gems/enchants, ignoring avoid bonuses. Have your DDs support you with stamina boosts (i.e. ask a warlock to summon his imp) and CC. This also means to have them use stun/disorient effects/spell interrupting as often as possible. Just work as a team and you're going to be fine.
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