Black morass tactic question

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Postby Katerina » Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:48 am

Carabar wrote:
Shoju wrote:Regular BM with a smart group is cake. Crush immunity is not needed in ANY normal or Heroic instance, and your def only needs to be 485. 490 and 102.4 are only imperative numbers for raid bosses.

Question here -- seeing as the OP indicated that he was tanking this on @ lvl 68...

I have always been under the assumption that whether or not a mob is a boss is completly irrelevant in terms of whether it can crush you or not. All that is needed is for it to be 3 levels above you (which, @ lvl 70, heroic bosses are not, while raid bosses happen to fulfil that criterium). Seeing as the bosses in BM are lvl 72, a lvl 69 tankadin would have to hit the 490/102.4 criteria in order to not eat crushing blows (a lvl 68 needing insane stats...).

Was this assumption in error? I.e. I could tank BM as a lvl 69 w/o having to worry about crushing blows?

I believe you are correct, though to be honest, I was always WISHING for crushes just to get some mana back... As such I was always wanted to hold the adds, even tanking it at 68, to take a bit of damage.

The difficulty did not seem to be the crushing blows of the three bosses, but rather the magic damage they do, silences, and healing debuffs.

This is a fight carried by the quality of your healer and dps (assuming that as a tank you do not suck). I was fortunate to have a talented Kara-level healer with me when I tanked it at 68, trivializing the incoming damage.

Being OOM is just always more of an issue for me here than anything else. >.<
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Postby Shoju » Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:21 am

Yes, tanking it 3 levels low will get you crushed. but really, that's just never a good idea (to tank a 70 instance at less than 70). It can be done, but it's not fun.

I can't think of any silences I ran into. the rift lords pound you REALLY hard, and the magic rift keepers are a pain, but you should be able to take it with a healer is at leasst paying attention.

Pallies can AoE EVERYTHING at the portal. Let a couple get by you and it shouldn't be a big deal if you have someone to pick them up.

If you have problems taking not enough damage to get mana back, dumb down your gear. I always carry my tank/uncrush/questing gear, so make sure you are above 485 and mix match to get more threat.

When I tank it, I try and run with a feral druid (IRL friend) who handles any and all adds that get by me. Don't use your charger in there if you don't have to because you need all the mana you can get. If you need more mana, bless yourself with wisdom, and with your second judgement drop wisdom on the elite. Your mage should be AoE-ing if you keep everything at the portal

Bust wings when you can, keep cons up, holy shield up, and have fun.

Last time I ran that place I used a force reactive disk to help with aggro. That alone was enough to keep my getting heals and keeping threat.

If you don't have the uber rare MC drop, or know someone who can make it, toss on a petrified Lichen guard with a sheild spike.

This place is a Pallies wet dream. AoE AoE AoE and more AoE.

For the last boss, there are a couple of pre-kara trinkets that can help you live through time stops.

Charm of Alacrity from Hellfire Penninsula. The dodge is amazing.
Adamantine Figurine to help mitigate damage.

Either of those will be enough to make sure that you are ok through the time stops. If you run with a priest, make sure he has a renew on you at all times, and PWN.

Also, I have had to start explaining to PuG's that pallies need to take damage to keep getting mana from the healer. Make sure that rogues are stunning the rift keeper/lord.
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