Post your record heroic times

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Postby Kurvia » Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:32 pm

Shattered Hall is heaven for a Din.. and can really show how god-damn imba we can be..

I run daily for fun and the odd badge.. best time is 28mins.. thats with a pro group of friends that know how crazy my pulls can be..

jumpin from dps gear to tank gear to lose 10k hp and get mana back.. and chain chain chain pulling =) Tunnel with slimes in one.. Gauntlet in one.. adds + boss.. I love it.. hope there is somethin in Lich that is just as much fun.

PS as a result of my SH runs.. 4 mates have re-rolled tankadin to do same.. Now on ER probably more tankadins than feral/warriors.. FTW!
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Postby Rom » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:15 pm

Pre-3.0 patch, my best time was 27:11 for heroic SP. I can't imagine getting it down much lower than 26 minutes. At 27:11, I was pretty much in non-stop combat, with the exception of running past the pats that were avoidable without pausing..

Heroic UB was about 28 minutes, I don't have the timer sheet at the moment to see the exact time.

I didn't do much past patch, so I don't have a time sheet, but from the runs I did do, running h-SP in less than 20 minutes seems possible.

As for raiding post 3.0 , we buffed in front of Gruul's Lair, cleared it, flew to mags and cleared that all on the same 30 minute paladin buff. It took longer to fly from Gruul's to Mag's then it did to clear the instances.
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Postby majiben » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:40 pm

30 minute H SH with pugs.

Man I'm sure I could have gotten 20 minutes with a dream team.

A SP (pre 3.0 post 3.0 a ret pally or survival hunter would do)
A Lock
A resto druid
A good hunter for constant MDs on new groups or another AoE.
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Postby Xfighter » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:20 pm

UB - 30ish Minutes

SP - 25 minutes (would have got 22ish, but the last boss bugged out, so that took awhile to reset)

Bot - 40 minutes?

Those are the only ones that I've done speed runs in\checked the time\got good groups for.

(I generally run with the same set up; Pally (Me) - Mage - Lock - Priest, and another random DPS.)
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Postby daemonym » Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:23 am

steam vaults semi rep run in under 30 minutes. cleared most of the trash but not all of it. probably close to about 25-27 as i used my 30 min greater blessing as my timer. zone in, wait for last member to beat the lag boss, buff, drink, face roll, no stopping for water and cookies. had 1 minute left on RF once last boss was dead. also pulled off a 40 min h mgt a few days ago, most of us were very well geared and my ret gear is fairly decent (just as many high end epics as low end blues).

my usual team set up is this:

me tank/ret
arcane mage
s priest
tree/priest healing
pally tank/ret

when i'm not tanking my other friend that is making their pally their new main (formerly leet ass resto druid) is teaching themselves to tank so we switch off from time to time. it's good to have a ready to go 5-man/heroic team on demand =P
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Postby Sarutankah » Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:19 pm

Takes me about 30 mins to solo H SH.

Same for Ramps.

I still think a Heroic Deadmines should be implemented - that place is wave after wave of awesome at level 10-15 or so in a 10 man raid :D
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Postby Jancho » Thu Apr 09, 2009 2:48 am

fantine wrote:Update:

Got Botanica down below 25 minutes. Group consisted of:

Pally tank
Holy priest
Destro lock
BM hunter
Shadow priest.

I even pulled one group I didn't have to - I have high hopes of eventually clearing this zone in 23:00.

This shouldn't count, you obviously skipped 3 bosses. That ain't no gentleman move!

Well, guys I must say your times on Slave Pens are about to be trashed, I haven't played since LK came out, because I bought it, tried it and stopped playing. Before 3.0.0 patch, while we were waiting for the stupid patch to come, few guys on Boulderfist, not even from the same guild decided to do some REAL Fast Badge runs in heroics, what did we do, at the start we were IMBA Protadin - BT Geared, IMBA Enhancement Shaman(ME) - BT/SWP geared, Holy priest with good Mana regen and the 2 rest we pugged, usually we looked for Meelees or Mage and Shadow priest. Best times we got with a Fury Warrior and a rogue as 2 other DPSes:

Slave Pens: 14:54 (we used a shortcut that surprisingly almost NOONE knew about on Kazzak - Jump from the bridge, saves you about 1-1.5 minutes...).
Botanica: 32:15 (skipped all trash mobs that we could, but all bosses were DEAD)
Shattered Halls: 28:41 (rogue opened a door)
Surprisingly - Mana tombs: 36:52, we couldn't get it lower, though we allways killed the Extra boss after the Prince.

All instances except for Mana Tombs were done WITHOUT any stopping, NO mana breaks! Protadin used Seal of Wisdom and Blessing of wisdom, Priest was class for himself - no stopping, never less than 50% mana, shaman - allways 100% mana...
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