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Postby davidred » Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:10 pm

First time in heroic magisters I had around 12.5k unbuffed, def capped, bunch of CC and we got through ok. Only wipes we had were the 2nd boss and we just slowed down DPS (mage wouldn't DPS until he'd gotten his first two adds, then the rogue stopped DPS while he got his 4 adds - worked well) to get through it.

Bring lots of CC (mage, lock and rogue works well) and a decently geared healer and it should be doable.
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Postby ldeboer » Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:15 pm

Tiranknight wrote:Side question... what is a comfortable gear level to start running Heroic Magister's Terrace? without the fear of being destroyed... Really want the Commendation but afraid to go in that place because of the tanking horror stories I've heard.

if I'm able to clear instances like Heroic Bot, and Shattered Halls... will I be ok in Hero MgT with competent players?

There are two parts to your answer

Heroic MgT mobs are only a little harder than normal I think if you can do other heroics you can do it but take lots of CC (at least mage, lock would be my choice).

Kael on the other hand with normal stats you are going to need a super healer or a rogue on interrupts cause the 6K fireballs come thick and fast.

Be aware there is a massive nerf incoming for H-MgT we know already they are removing glaive and the warlocks ability to cast thru walls is "being fixed". So they will dumb it down to a more tame level no doubt.
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Postby istrienielle » Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:46 pm

If it helps, I started on H Mgt not long ago myself in pugs, no less since my guildies don't want to run it and I needed the commendation. I've run it 3 times and finally the trinket dropped for me. First time I went in, I had 13k hp unbuffed, 490 defense but not uncrushable. Had a mage, hunter and rogue with a good shammy healer. The run was a breeze even though I think I'm undergeared for it. Second time, I went in with a priest healer who only has 1800+heal but with 3 mages, also a breeze. Yesterday, my last time there, I went in with a druid healer w/ only +1600heal, melee shammy, a lock and a slightly undergeared mage. This run was the worst I had with only 2 cc, and the mage sheeping always too late. Wiped a few times until I decided to just pull back and let warlock fear bomb. That worked well and we managed to get thru to Kael where shammy has to help the druid heal.

IMO, I think group composition's important and good healer too and getting the cc on the right mobs helps alot.
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