Reckoning vs Precision for hyjal Trash

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Postby Lev » Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:38 am

Lore wrote:
Lev wrote:Reckoning will help you like nothing at all during ae tanking.


You can very easily run out of mana while AOE tanking Hyjal. Reckoning helps quite a bit there. If you're not running out of mana, then you're probably taking a ton of damage, in which case Seal of Light + Reckoning will help quite a bit. Keep in mind that with 5-6 mobs on you, Reckoning will be up quite a bit.

It's also worth mentioning that Seal of Wisdom/Light give some AOE threat to all the mobs on you. It's not a lot, but it's more than nothing.


Not just because of the "hit" part of it... it's the spell-hit you want, especially for bosses this is just an bps increase of about 3,6% if you have no other spell hit equipped!

This is incorrect as well. Most Paladin threat abilities do not operate off of Spell Hit. Holy Shield and JoR are about it, and neither are a particularly large portion of a T6-progressed Tankadin's threat.

- Yes, i still take a lot of dmg, but i think it's because i'm not overgeared for the trash, yet. At least only rarely i get mana starved. Depending on what wave to tank. Usually i pick up everything excepting some abominations picked up by the other tanks. Also i change some parts of my gear between waves, to have a little less avoidance for easy mode mobs (ghuls).

- I actually never thought about using SoW here. Usually i focus on a mob, a rouge is focusing as well, so he won't pull aggro from it all the time. Anyway, thats a good point. Can you tell, how much ae threat this actually is?

- You are right on SoR. It just depends. But using SoV, you really want spellhit! (i still get a lot of partial and full resists) Also precision still gives you normal hit, so its just as fine for SoR, isn't it? oO

- Concecration need spellhit, doesn't it? And as i mentioned, also on lvl 70 mobs it helps a bit. Not sure, but i would say it is more than the threat you build up using SoW. Actually combining both would propably be the best thing to do (even without reconing), please correct me if i'm wrong on this (again ^^)

- btw: what is your answer to the topic? Reckoning or precision? :roll:
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Postby Shalindreal » Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:25 pm

I came into hyjal with an aoe tank set made up of badges and t4 w/o any t5 equiped and i am still mana started on hyjal trash unless I hit my x key a few times, or there are 3-4 aboms on me lol. I have neither reckoning or precision, and i never had had either, and have not missed either. I steadily produce 1k+ dps while rocking about 370 spell dmg raid buffed in my avoidance gear.

People need to understand that precision and reckoning are personal choices, not necessities. There isn't a fight i've been a part of yet where not having them has hurt me. I know alot of people swear by that 3% hit, but I have done fine w/o it thus far and untill not having it becomes a hinderance which i don't forsee, i will not spend the points for it over other talents that improve my longevity.
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Postby Bovion » Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:27 am

Bryne wrote:Wait, are you serious? The paltry amount of healing you're getting back from Seal of Light is nothing in comparison to ghouls hitting you for ~500 each and other mobs hitting harder. Saying that using SoL helps "quite a bit" is ridiculous.

I usually judge light and seal light on the nastier hyjal waves...reckoning giving you double procs from the seal and the judge can add up quickly.

Same goes for wisdom
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