How far to hybrid the hybrid prot/holy spec?

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How far to hybrid the hybrid prot/holy spec?

Postby Khar » Thu Jun 14, 2007 6:40 am

First off, hello all, first time poster here, but I've been lurking for a couple weeks, very much like what I see. :)

I've been reading the various threads on prot/holy hybrid specs, but am still a bit unsure on what to do with my pally. I'm still somewhat of a newb when it comes to pallies as my guy's only level 57, but I'm really enjoying what prot has to offer. AoE grinding is a blast, and I can't wait to go to outlands. My main's a feral druid tank, and I love tanking, love the DPS/tanking versatility ferals have now, but my guild has been struck with a severe lack of healers as of late. We had 2 kara groups going weekly but had to combine them into one, because of lack of healers. I offered to respec my druid, but since I do have some very nice tanking gear, my guildies pretty much forced me to not respec, hehe, they say I'm too valuable of a tank. Sooo, I thought about the pally I was leveling, and thought to myself "gee, it'd be awesome to have a 2nd 70 I could tank/heal with, perfect balance to my druid, who's my tank/DPSer".

Here's what I'd like to accomplish with my pally at 70:

-Solo heal/ solo tank 5mans
-Solo heal/ solo tank some or most heroics (largely dependant on gear and my healer/tank, I realize)
-Heal 10/25 man raids
-Offtank/trash tank 10/25 man raids (possibly even MT 10 mans if needed)

And I don't want to respec every week >.> I realize I could just go holy with my pally and do all my tanking on my druid, but honestly I want to experience tanking as a pally as well as healing. I guess I'm one of those hybrid tanks at heart or something. :)

So, I've been debating over a couple builds:

Something like:

is one option, the one I like the most I think. 1hand/AD/spell warding can be shifted around of course, I'm honestly not sure which combination would be better for what I want. Is AD one of those "all or none" skills? What about the threat from 1handed specialization? Is it that noticable?

Or I could take it more in the holy direction:

Again, splitting up AD/1hand just for some more crit in the holy tree. I dunno if it's worth it.

Or I could just go the more conventional route and drop divine favor and pick up captain america shield (I won't link the build, you're probably all familar with it, hehe). But I like divine favor.

I'm not sure what the build(s) would be capable of. I realize to do either role with either spec I'd need decent gear, which may take some to get, but I'm fine with that. My guild's almost done clearing Kara and just starting to think about Gruul's, so we'll be in Kara/heroics for some time yet. I just wonder how gimped I would be as a healer with these specs, or if my tanking would be noticably gimped at all. I'm pretty sure I can make due without avenger's shield, I have it now and I honestly forget to use it half the time, although its upfront threat is very nice. I'm an engineer, so if need be I could make myself some cheap bombs to pull with in instances, and I'll also get to make myself those nice sta trinkets and tank goggle thingies, which'll help boost my tank gear soon-ish.

Anyways, sorry for babbling. :) Thoughts/opinions? Thanks in advance :D
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Postby Baelor » Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:50 am

I hate tanking without Avenger's Shield, and I hate healing without Illumination (and most of our heal gear is tuned for spell crit), hence why whenever I want to feel "hybrid-y" and do anything but DPS, I spec 20/41/0. With good gear, you won't notice a difference in normal 5 mans. You'll tank *fine* in heroics, and your healing will be a little underpowered in some heroics, but you can probably get by.
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Postby Thels » Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:25 am

If you want to tank seriously, go all out on it talentwise, something like 0/49/12. Serious tanking can't be done in a halfassed way. And to soloheal in the harder heroics for example, you really need Light's Grace which is 33 points into holy and by that time, some of the later talents in Holy beat some of the talents in prot you have access to.

For all other combinations, use something like:

You got pretty much all the nice healing skills in there, as well as some okayish tanking skills. You can't get CB immune, so don't even bother gearing that way. Instead, gear for armor and stamina. AS and HS are of course quite a dump in aggro, but you got Holy Shock, and Imp SoR and Holy Guidance give you some more spelldamage for all your other skill. And you got Blessed Life. You should be fine tanking 5 mans, ok tanking the easier heroics and fine offtanking in Karazhan.
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Postby Khar » Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:17 pm

Interesting, I hadn't considered tanking with a full holy build... I can see where it might work threat-wise, but I dunno, I'd really miss reckoning and holy shield. Thanks for the idea though, something else to consider. :)
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