5/46/10 without Reckoning?

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5/46/10 without Reckoning?

Postby Paksennarion » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:35 am

I'm one of the two or three MTs in my guild for KZ, and we're just getting going in there - Moroes and Attumen are pretty solid for us, still no joy on the Maiden though, and I've been looking at my spec as we're going along.

Couple of things to consider:

1. One of the other MTs is a paladin, and our top healer is one as well;

2. I'm an SoV tank;

3. I'm looking for any kind of tweak I can get just to get MoV down as a confidence builder.

So, I'm thinking of respec'ing from my current 5/46/10 to the following:


My current build has 5/5 Reckoning, and this build proposes to drop that in exchange for 2/2 Guardian's Favor and 3/3 Imp Concentration Aura.

Guardian's Favor is specifically there for Moroes, where the reduced cooldown means two Garrote removals instead of one. Imp Concentration Aura is there because some of our healers are having a hard time avoiding the repentance and still being able to recover from the silence; it's flustering them a bit. (We're going for our third night of attempts Thursday night.)

Personally, I'm just not seeing as much utility out of Reckoning as I used to now that we're mostly into Heroics and KZ, and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the tradeoff would be worth it to try.
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Postby Thels » Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:05 am

Reckoning stays nice. As for repentance, have a paladin keep BoSacrifice up on you, and if you have more than one paladin healing you, have the other keep it on a melee DPS. Those paladins no longer suffer from Repentance.

For the rest it's really a spamyourskillinbetweenthesilence annoyance.

I never actually tanked her. We always use 2 tanks per group, and I'm the only tankadin, so there's always a prot warrior or feral druid around. However, I was put on DPS (They told me to just keep Wisdom up) yesterday, and just trying to trigger the spells in between the silences is amazingly annoying.

At least I have seal/judgement macro'ed so that it can't doublecast.
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Postby Downpour » Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:29 am

I don't keep reckoning for the DPS, but for any of the utility seals/judges. If I'm just SoR something down, reckoning really doesn't make much of a diff (though I doubt I'd use SoV in those situations, even if it were more reliable with my CB), but if I use SoW or SoL, it's because it's really needed, and 4 extra swings really make a difference.

Before i tanked her, i assumed the Maiden would be much more pally-unfriendly than it really is. Just try to break your number keys as fast as you can :) Since you spend so long almost-silenced via GCD rotations anyway, except for the frequent 1/2s delays on casting and the smaller-casting-window induced button mashing, it's not tremendously different than a normal boss, but still hugely fun. For me, Exorcism being unavailable makes more of a noticible change than the silences, giving you more downtime where you have nothing to cast.
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