Tanking/Healing Spec - Non-Heroics

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Tanking/Healing Spec - Non-Heroics

Postby Camthalion » Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:59 pm

Having a 70 mage in a small guild that can never seem to find tanks during the day, I'm finishing up leveling my paladin. I've been working on this spec most of the weekend, reading on the forums, sharing it with some other pallies, and would like some more constructive input. The concept is being able to tank or heal Non-heroic 5mans, to ease up some of the group-finding for our small guild. By the time we hit heroics, I'd scratch Holy for a lot more in Prot. I come from MTing MC/ZG/AQ20 as a warrior, and am very much looking forward to finally fulfilling that role as a Paladin.

I would also like to state that I just discovered these forums today, and very much appreciate their being created as a place for me to look for Tankadin insight beyond the WoW forums.

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Postby Baelor » Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:01 pm

My initial thoughts: Drop Purifying Power for Imroved Lay on Hands.

I personally don't like going up the Holy tree past Illumination unless I'm getting Light's Grace in the deal.

For healing normal 5 mans, you can really get by with any spec as long as you carry a decent healing set. I can think of situations where a 0 Holy paladin would have trouble healing a heroic, but Flash of Light spam with enough +heal, a decent mana pool, and a splash of mana/5 should be able to carry you through any normal 5 man.

I'd suggest looking at the 20/41/0 OT/OH raid spec listed in 2 threads below, one by me and one by another. It provides you with more tools for tanking and only loses a few things in the heal department. Since you said that you'd primarily be tanking, I'd invest more heavily in prot and snag Ardent Defender/Avenger's Shield, they're great for 5 mans in particular.
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