Heroic Tanking Spec & Maintanking Spec?

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Re: Heroic Tanking Spec & Maintanking Spec?

Postby Nalyn » Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:31 am

Snake-Aes wrote:Mr Overwhelming, I think you are overwhelmed by the prospects of tank dps.
1) You don't need any special spec to perform spetacularly in heroics. This alone removes any need to remove critical survival talents in the name of minimal gains.
2) As mentioned in #1, dropping stuff like AD for 5/5 in reckoning is simply not a smart move. It's been demonstrated by simulations AND expected by math that 3/5 is only worse than 5/5 by a ridiculously low margin. At the more ludicrous levels, there's literally NO difference between 3/5 and 5/5 reckoning. 3/5 works perfectly well, and doesn't gimp your survivability for when things go wrong.

Remember: You are a tank, not a dpser. Doing max dps is not your priority, even when it's not the biggest problem.

I was thinking very much the same thing, you're shifting a handful of talents around... that in the end, don't really do much of anything.

Honestly... if you really want to dps'tank heroics... go look up the ret pvp spec, gem some pvp ret gear with stamina (I'm assuming you have lots of extra trimuph badges for furious stuff), and go tank with a 2hander. The healer will have to be a bit more on their toes, but you can tank everything short of ToC and icecrown stuff with a 2hander out.
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Re: Heroic Tanking Spec & Maintanking Spec?

Postby AdaskoTheBeAsT » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:41 am

Why are you all insulting him...
as he wrote - this is for people with enough gear in which they are not killable
why do not take some fun and watch some high numbers in heroics to push more some lazy dpses :wink:

I also like many have 2 tank spec - one for heroics and one for "serious stuff"
I have mediocre gear but i think i am capable of "doing things"

recently i pugged ICC25 to farm trash for rep and forgot to change spec to "serious staff"
did I die? no
what was amazing? 8.8k dps :twisted:
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