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Spec questions

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Spec questions

Postby Torias » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:19 pm

Hey there folks. Brand new member here, have browsed a few times out of just having a curiosity for all things Warcraft and wanting to know a bit more about Tankadins but I've finally finished leveling one of my very own!

I'm currently rolling with a spec of It's not quite what I'd originally been going for (patch changing Vindication hit when I was in the mid 60s-low 70s and I decided it was too good to miss) and I think given what I've read here there are some glaring flaws. At the moment I'm guaranteed to always be running with a Holy paladin healer and now that Sacred Shield doesn't stack I realise I won't be getting all that much use from DS/DG. Also, the second point in SA was more of a knee-jerk reaction to the fact I felt like I was permenantly OOM whilst doing instances towards the end of my leveling career, but suddenly that situation has magically resolved itself in heroics and I don't think it can be as simple as 5% more mana from heals. I feel like the points in SotP and the extra in SA are weighing me down a bit now but I'm not entirely sure how to resolve the situation.

Ideally I want to change to some variation of 0/53/18 (Crusader looks nom nom nom) and as far as I understand I can safely drop DS/DG, and that 1/2 SA is perfectly acceptable. My question is, if I drop DS/DG, what's a good bet for re-allocating those three points I need? Divinity feels a bit off, it doesn't seem like particularly often that 3% more healing would be life or death. I have no idea about Reckoning, it sounds pretty decent but I see debates all over the place about whether it's worth it or not post-3.2, I know it's being discussed plenty elsewhere so won't ask any opinions on that here, other than asking if anyone can present an argument for DS/DG post-3.2. Question is, with 3.2.2 coming up, should I consider dropping the 1/5 Conviction point to pick up SoComm? I understand that it would be a (somewhat marginal) decrease in TPS for a very situational ability, but it feels like it would mesh well with Reckoning and also be invaluable in the scant few situations where it does actually come into it's own. I've been a fairly numb-skulled DPS up to this point and I really have no idea how often those situations will come up though.

Your thoughts, please, Maintankadins? :D And sorry if I took to rambling, it's like 04:12am and I have a tendancy to just keep talking when I'm tired. That and nervousness, I literally only dinged 80 this morning and have no idea what I'm doing, honestly. I still have to say "Nine... six... nine... six..." to myself to keep the rotation going in my head.
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Re: Spec questions

Postby Jasari » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:15 am

Keep DS/DG, you need to spend 3 points to get farther down the prot tree. Just move the points from SotP to Crusade:
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