My tanking spec need a change/adjustment?

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Re: My tanking spec need a change/adjustment?

Postby Lolpaladins » Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:01 am

Majiben wrote:
saranya wrote:you mean like how quickly it took blizz to fix judgments overwriting each other?
Completely different. judgements overwriting each other was a minor nusiance that could be overcome by a little communication that affected gameplay negatively. DivSac acted as a massive reduction in danger and raid healing needs that allowed for kills weeks early.

You speak in the past tense "was, affected, acted, allowed".

As a guild that's still working on getting hard modes down both in 10 and 25 ulduar, I can assure you that it still works, and it is still "required" for our kills.

I don't understand why some paladins keep suggesting it no longer works or "the bug is fixed"? Do you not use raid frames? Can you not tell the difference between an entire raid dropping to 10% life and dropping to 50% life? Do you not see the spam of -0s flying across your screen?
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Re: My tanking spec need a change/adjustment?

Postby theckhd » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:45 am

saranya wrote:Using your link there stating only 25tps per point...your neglecting the overall affect when taking into account DUH mobs (scroll down a little to see the graph), which I think we can generally accept that 3.3 will bring more undead, demons, and humanoid mobs.

3R+5V+3C is almost 300tps more than the next closes spec without reckoning at 5S+3V on DUH mobs. that's a little bit more than 75tps.

As Jasari already pointed out, you read the graph wrong. That extra 300 TPS is due to Crusade (or more accurately, all of the rest of your DPS being larger due to Crusade), and if you compare 3R+5V+3C to 5V+3C (which is actually the next closest spec without Reckoning), you only get 79 tps, which is back to the roughly 25-26 Tps per point. Reckoning gets no noticeable benefit from "DUH" mobs.
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