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Advice on build etc

Postby larathus » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:31 am

Can you take a look at my build and see what you think?

Currently in ULd 10 at the moment and getting through the first 5-6 bosses has been just fine. I really like the LOH available every 13 minutes however this really is something that is nice in heroics not raids. Just trying to see if I can tweak any damage down or help in other areas as well.

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Advice on build etc

Postby Dzzope » Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:17 am

In your 54/17 build.. you have an eye for an eye... This is purely a pvp talent.. and not one a pve prot pally (who should most definitely be crit immune) should ever have.. drop it for 2/3 crusader..
and seal of command... this is useless in every spec.. lose it..

Poj is purely a flavor thing... my taste is for 5/5coviction and then get tuskars on my boots, just another option for you
Also.. unless your having mana probs drop to 1/2 sa and pick-up that last point in crusader..

In your other build... I'd say all is fine.. but the utility and extra damage reduction you get from ds and dg outweigh 3/5 div
(personally I went for imp hoj, but that's cos I like my own interrupt on a shorter cd... also nice for annoying people in pvp.. :D)

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