I'm sacrificing so many stamina enchants for avoidance...

How to get started.

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Postby SmurfZG » Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:59 pm

Guillex wrote:
Neuron wrote:Edit: after re-reading, I wanted to point out to that avoidance means not getting hit, which only consists of dodge, parry, and miss. Block means getting hit. So your avoidance total is actually: 5 + 6.52 + 14.93 + 17.53. So you have about a 44-45% avoidance, even with kings and motw. You have the worst avoidance of all the tanks you listed.


You still calculate your total 102.4% with block%.

Yes, it's mitigation. No, it's not PURE avoidance. But it's a part of the formula.

And really, that's all we care about when trying to reach uncrushable. Afterwards, we can play around with Block/Mitigation/Avoidance sets.

what neuron actually meant to say with his post was that the op had simply looked at different peoples avoidance listings in their sigs, which of course lists d+p+m, while the op had calculated his own "avoidance" as d+p+m+b.
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