Leapfrogging Ardent Defender

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Re: Leapfrogging Ardent Defender

Postby Worldie » Wed May 06, 2009 5:26 am

I'd disagree with GS being better than PS: saving from 1 killing blow is much less effective than reducing all damage taken in half thus preventing multiple killing blows. And the only utility Holy brings better than Disc is CoH, while Disc brings a rather powerful ability called Power Word Shield without cooldown and basically giving 6-7k more HP to anyone ;)
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Re: Leapfrogging Ardent Defender

Postby Cavalorn » Thu May 07, 2009 1:09 am

PW:S from a Disci is very powerfull I agree, but only for (perhaps?) one hit in 15sec and on one target per GCD.

Absorbing DMG is just a form of preventive healing.
Very strong, if you know the time a big hit will probably land, or giving time for recover the tank after he/she get low on HP.

I'll say a small "panic-button" on a low "Cooldown". So you couldn't say XY more HP, it's not always up.
...and very timecritical (in relation to AD) IF Ardend Defender triggers and IF there is a Powerword: Shield applied and IF Sacred Shield is up...(and IF you have a second Disci there is perhaps an aegis up)

Yes, after all of this possibilites you will survive a high amount of dmg, while you are low on HP, but the time slot to happen is very small. (worst case between two hits or hit + special)

I like the playstyle a Disci brings to a raid, but with tons auf raiddmg in Ulduar a holy is at least as usefull and there are other speccs which could perform as MT-Healer as well.

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Re: Leapfrogging Ardent Defender

Postby neokai » Thu May 07, 2009 2:38 am

I ask because a Holy priest will slap a renew, then a shield because of their empowered renew talent.

And while Disc. priests are extremely strong in single target healing, Holy priests are still very important because of their raid healing capabilities. It's a matter of stacking buffs actually, no one says you are limited to just 1 type or other; just bring both if their players are good lol.

That being said, while I enjoy the short dissertation on Disc vs Holy priests... I think we are digressing from the original topic of AD being leapfrogged by Ulduar wtfpwn boss damage.
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