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PvP for a Dummy

Postby Kriskringle » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:23 am

So, with all our proposed PvP viability, has anyone with some arena experience looked at a Prot-heavy PvP spec/role? It seems like we'll need to include some filler talents in the Prot tree, what look like the least useless ones? Would it be more helpful to reach into the Holy tree or the Ret tree?

I've never done arena, and I have no idea what kind of role we're going to be suited for - I'm likely going to end up with a mage in 2v2, a Fury warrior and Holy pally in 3v3, and those three plus a hunter in 5v5, and with no instant cast heals I'm not sure if it's worth trying to cast heals in the 2 and 3 games. Does that seem right?

Would it be worthwhile for me to jump into arena now, just to get a sense of the pacing and team strengths & weaknesses? Or will things be changing so much in 3.1 that this wouldn't be very helpful? I don't even know how the mechanics work - if I do make teams now, will my teams' ratings be reset when 3.1 releases? I assume that we would lose a lot of games if we started now, since none of us has done arena yet and I would stay prot.

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Postby Raive » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:15 am

I was thinking something along the lines of


as far as a heavy prot pvp build goes. Points in divinity could be switched out for toughness if you'd prefer the increased armor/shorter slows but I'm thinking that the 10% extra healing to yourself is the only way your heals are going to scratch the 30k hp that most geared tankadins are rocking out nowadays.

Eye for an eye could be taken either instead of 2 of the points in conviction or the points in pursuit of justice as despite our normal crit resistance awesomeness, we WILL be getting crit when going up against people who have +crit out the wazoo.

I realize healing would be a sticky situation at all what with having 100% uptime on divine plea, and having to remove its effect before tossing a heal to you or your arena partners.

Keep in mind this would be a spec for a prot pally/burst dps of some kind, assuming there are no other healers in the arena team.

For a 3's or 5's team that has a healer, I would probably take the points from divinity and toss them into toughness and maybe a few into reckoning to add some nice burst damage and increased seal of command proc rate.

Of course, I dont spend all my time pvping and only do it a few times a week. So if anyone has anything to add/change/argue with my spec feel free to do so, but as far as I can tell, it's at least decent as far as a pvp prot spec goes.
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Postby combatwombat » Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:16 pm

http://www.war-tools.com/t61523.html?b= ... 23c302003o

Is something im interesting to try out for a kinda "offensive" pvp build. Hopefully the relative big base stamina from tank gear should pick up what us lost from less healing but we will be critted alot from some people. Gear based heavily on BV and str with hopefully 5% or so hit, you will for sure require t7.5 or equivalent gear since "prot pvp" is heavily gearbased;)

Stun with 20sec cd and shieldthrow silence will be interesting to try out so paired up with a nice dps or healer and you may do good.

Edit* - SoC may be good to have if you judge during the stun but atm i mainly run jov for the dot and increased expertise when glyphed.
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