How is my gear and spec.

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How is my gear and spec.

Postby Zindra » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:26 am ... e&n=Zindra

I realy suck at math and I was wondering if I am uncrushable or close to it. I do have the tank ring from the badges and one from Arc normal. Usually though, I have the cookie cutter 0/49/12 build, I was jsut experimenting this time with Divine strength.

Also, I have done kara as MT a couple times now, but I've noticed that my gear after a night (front door to Curator, or mobs after curator to full clear).. my durability gets down to about 80% or so even with no wipes. Is that normal? It's strange that when I am speced healadin, my repair bills are generally non-existent since we hardly wipe much. Sadly, my tanking is currently an experiment to show my guild how well a paladin can do as main tank.

Kara = sweetness. I have tanked every boss and the only time I have problems are the trash mobs before curator, the mana leaching worm things. At that point our druid has to go bear and MT that part. Other than that, everything is cake. So far, we have wiped on Nightbane once in two different runs, and it's usually when he's landing after a air phase. Healers don't want to pull aggro so they wait a second or two.
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Postby Lore » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:32 am

Repair bills are the tank's way of life. May as well get used to them.

For your other questions, please see the sticky in the Gear forum: ... php?t=1777
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Postby Grigsby » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:56 am

Ok -

Talent Spec
Get Rid of Divine Strength, if your gonna waste 5 points in Holy, Get Divine Int. And when tanking you are getting healed and with spiritual attunement, you don't need that extra int.

Max out Toughness.

And I would put points into either Stoicism, or Magic Warding.


Miss = 6.96 + 5. = 11.96%
Block = 25.66
Parry = 19.41
Dodge = 16.09
Holy Shield = 30%

Total of = 103.12% = Which is uncrushable.

Since you have about 1% to work with, maybe trade in some Block for Parry or Dodge, or Up your Stamina if possible.
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