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Postby phaqueue » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:59 am

does AD fail? sometimes... but I would challenge you to run the tankadin addon - and spec for full AD - then run naxx 25 - I'm pretty sure last week my AD saved my easily 15-20 times... it's not that the healers are bad - it's that damage spikes happen...

sometimes you will have a series where you don't dodge/parry and take a few hits in a row - it happens... AD is there to help - or when you are tanking multiple things due to bad pull... or where there is just a lot of incoming damage (maexxna anyone?)

AD is far from worthless... just because it can be leapfrogged doesn't mean it always is - or even often is... it's rare anymore that it gets leapfrogged...

usually if I die while tanking - it's ot because AD got leapfrogged - it's because someone wasn't paying attention and I sat at low (under 30%) health for way too long, and LoH wasn't up...

that's like saying "some bosses can eat through the holy shield charges - so it's worthless cause it isn't always working"

you post me something proving that AD was leapfrogged more often than it saved you - and I"ll be happy to concede the point, until then - good luck trying to prove it's a worthless talent...
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