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Postby Lewid » Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:03 pm

Knaughty wrote:
Lewid wrote:I agree with the OP's choice to not take ardent defender, as that talent has always been of poor quality

You're wrong.

Ardent Defender has always a good talent if you actually tank difficult stuff. Doing some reading on this forum will give you plenty of detail as to why. I posted a pile of data from pre-nerf Sunwell, which was the worst place for it, and it was still good there.

It mitigates 1-2% of damage taken for five points. Which seems like poor value until you realise two things:

(1) It mitigates the 1-2% of damage which will otherwise kill you.
(2) It stacks with Bubblewall to make it ridiculously powerful.

Every single moderator and spec/advice sticky on this forum says to take 5/5 AD. Ignore the advice if you like, but real taking experience and parsing of boss attempts shows that even before Bubblewall AD was good. It's now better.

It isn't our best talent. But there's absolutely nothing else to take that makes any sense at all.

Re "Reckoning" - crap talent is crap. Plenty of maths to show why if you'd bother doing a search.

Good points, and I agree that AD is not useless, and since there really isnt anywhere to go but to pick up AD in a reasonable prot tree, it is inevitable. However, the math on Reckoning is wrong, unless you can prove that 4 weapon attacks every ten hits or so is less significant than 0 weapon attacks.

Last I checked, four bites of tasty cake was better than zero. Maybe things have changed since I last ate cake though.

My suggestion in regards to AD was in the OP's explorative attempts to think outside the box, and skipping AD is not a bad choice, esp when you consider that the premise of AD relies upon the proverbial shit already hitting the fan.
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