Seals of the Pure vs Conviction

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Postby CDnight » Tue Dec 02, 2008 6:44 am

I myself am going with Conviction so I can focus on other part for my gearing. Also been that I am not the main tank and don’t want to be one I have missing out some other useful tanking talent for more damage.

I will say my focus is on PVP then PVE that is why I have gone for Sanctified seal. Also this increases my overall damage.

When I do run instance with the spec both normal and heroics I have yet to loss aggro to any class and in most case, I am topping the damage.

I am currently running with this spec ... 00000#none

but I will be changing to ... 00000#none

The last two points am still not sure where to put them.
Either I go with more damage with Vindication or Crusade
PVP with Eye 4an Eye, or PoJ
More Mana saved with Benedition.

Any thought to this?
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Postby Kynes » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:16 am

Snake-Aes wrote:
Kynes wrote:
Snake-Aes wrote:
Shields wrote:Am I the only one that thinks neither of these talents belong in a prot paladin build?

I don't think I would accept a prot paladin specced like that on my raid team. :p

Curious, why not 2/2 might? Seems those last 2 points are floaters im(humble)o.
Might as well do that. I made it having in mind the dump of a single point for a 11-point skill, but i'm just delusioned nowadays.

I hear ya. I will have to shuffle my build as well come our vaunted 11 pointer.
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