Looking to improve my spec.

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Looking to improve my spec.

Postby Edict » Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:00 am

As the title says I am looking to improve my spec. I am mostly looking to level as prot come the expansion and I currently and plan on tanking mostly 5 mans. Maybe 10's down the line, but if that comes to be I can always respec. Any advice is appreciated.

This is what I was thinking:

http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/cla ... 0000000000

Holy Talents - 5 point(s)

# Seals of the Pure - rank 5/5

Protection Talents - 56 point(s)

# Blessing of Kings - rank 1/1
# Improved Blessing of Kings - rank 4/4
# Divine Strength - rank 5/5
# Anticipation - rank 5/5
# Improved Righteous Fury - rank 3/3
# Toughness - rank 5/5
# Improved Devotion Aura - rank 3/3
# Blessing of Sanctuary - rank 1/1
# Reckoning - rank 5/5
# Sacred Duty - rank 2/2
# One-Handed Weapon Specialization - rank 5/5
# Holy Shield - rank 1/1
# Redoubt - rank 3/3
# Combat Expertise - rank 3/3
# Touched by the Light - rank 3/3
# Avenger's Shield - rank 1/1
# Guarded by the Light - rank 2/2
# Shield of the Templar - rank 3/3
# Hammer of the Righteous - rank 1/1
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Postby majiben » Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:22 am

I would use This build as the base for your leveling build. Leave points out of SotT till you get to 73 (so you can have it maxed out by 75) because you don't get Shor till 75. For a leveling build I prefer to go down ret instead of holy because I can pick up 17 points in it by 80 for more damage.

Also as a leveling build I skip BoK because while leveling you will be using BoS for both soloing and tanking. Group benifit is not as large of a concern for leveling and that's why you won't need to have kings till you respec at 80 for your raiding build.
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Postby Venoseth » Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:53 am

For leveling, I would use this SPEC with the 4p PvP gear bonus it's about 30% uptime on your stun, which I find useful, also you can take the points out of AD and put them where you like, and there's also an open point you can put wherever you like, but reckoning wouldn't be my choice as we're all going to be using SoV. ^^
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Postby majiben » Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:48 pm

I normally don't advocate reckoning but it does make a good dps talent for leveling were poor scaling and threat aren't an issue. Also white damage is a significat portion of your dps and while grinding you're likey to use SoL or SoW to keep your resources high.
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Postby sanctifico » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:02 am

I'd recommend 4/51/6 starting at 70 - http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=smZ0eVAcuMtcIRMoxo

71 point goes into Seals of the Pure to make it 5/5
72-74 - points into Sheild of the Templar (1/2/3% less damage)

That in essence is your base 80 tank build, you can throw the remaining 6 points where you like, poss in AD with one spare.

Note: Reckoning is pretty worthless at any point, you do enough damage without it for it too be worth a respec at 75 for SotR and to be fair from the Beta I killed stuff pretty fast anyway (normally en-mass, where the extra 3% mitigation is worth more than a tiny bit more damage.)

I dont use Sol or JoL unless im taking lots of damage/caster tanking.
BoSanc is more mana than I can shake a fist at (with 3+mobs) and JoL regains enough HP for me, but then im in some of the best gear avaliable.

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