Crusader talent

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Crusader talent

Postby Kwelzenda » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:36 am

The crusader talent claims to increase all damage against Humanoids, demonos, undead and elementals. My question, would this extra percentage of damage be useful as a minimal boost to threat when tanking those opponents?

I was thinking of going 43/18 as a possible build for picking up Crusade and getting a small boost to threat. Here's a link to the possible build:

One thing I was wondering, what damage is not increased? For example, would damage caused by a shield spike or ret aura be enhanced in any way by this talent? What about the damage from SoR/SoB? What about how it's calculated in concert with the boosted threat from RF? Is the damage increased first, then the boosted threat from RF added on, or is the base damage used for the RF calculation, and then the increased damage is added on top of the threat calculation?

I haven't had a chance to try such a build, and it probably wouldn't be that useful in the pre-kara stuff I have access to currently, but I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried such a build.
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Postby Worldie » Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:18 am

Crusade works exactly like 1h spec, increases all damage against those mobs. Hence, increases the TPS by 3% against those mobs.

Btw, that filler you put in Convinction would be much more useful in Imp JoCr.

However, if you seek TPS, you should just go with 40/21. Ardent Defender is only worth trading for Sanctity Aura, no reason to not pick it else.
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Postby Kwelzenda » Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:34 am

The reason I was trying to keep AS was a couple reasons:

1) I'm no where near T6 geared as you suggested when you first mentioned the 40/21 build (I'm actually ret at the moment, but that will change in about 15k honor here in the next day or two when I get my welfare SD mace).


2) I was usually tanking for my guildies who are in Kara gear while I wasn't geared to even enter Kara and as such, they are ripping aggro off me.

I normally don't mind people pulling a single target, but if I can't keep a pack of trash on me, then I won't be getting hit, and as such no mana back.

I was hoping that the front load from AS combined with Crusade bonus to all damage I'd be pumping out via Consecrate and SoB/JoB would help in holding aggro on a few of the trash mobs while my guildies ripped them to shreds.

Plus, tbh, I was hoping to get a slight boost to my damage output for AOE farming as well. Although, for that I may drop AS and go for the 40/21 since AS isn't really used in that scenario anyway.
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Postby Kup » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:38 am

This is spec I came up with that has most of the benefit of the traditional 0/40/21 but has a bit more lower gear lever tanking talents and still gives you Sanctity Aura. ... 0100000000

Not many people have commented either way about this spec but it works well for me. It will also allow you to effectively tank with a second prot pally, which if you're in kara, you may not have a choice.

I have it maxed for utility as a second paladin tank, if you're the only one you probably want to swap the talents I have in Improved Blessing of Might to cap Benediction instead.

This spec's threat is not quite as good as the normal 0/40/21, but is still better than 0/49/12 and provides all the tanking talents - 3 points in Ardent Defender and Avengers Shield.

Be careful, this spec does not have Blessing of Kings, make sure to have a pally healer in your group that does.
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