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Postby xile » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:20 am

Im not trying to be main tank or healer. I was looking to OT OH and still be viable in pvp.

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Postby Bluemania » Thu Mar 29, 2007 4:50 pm

Personally i wouldnt tank without holy shield.

You can offheal quite nicely without going so deep into holy. The main kickers from a holy build are healing light and illumination. After that the two spellcrit talents are great, except they provide a lower improvements (12% better heals, (spellcrit) chance to restore mana, vs, 6% spellcrit, 5% spellcrit)

Divine strength doesnt help a heal/tank build as much as some other talent points in holy.

Unfortunatly you're missing quite a few of the bread and butter tank talents, blessing of sanctuary being the obvious one, shield specialisation, holy shield, sacred duty, anticipation, argent defender....

Heh ok so there are a lot of great tanking talents you're missing out on :D

As far as PVP goes, ive been doing some pvp on the side with the maintakn 0/49/12 build, and so far i've been having a lot of fun. The biggest thing i miss would be spiritual focus at times, but if you have a rogue/war beating on you, the kick/pummel is coming anyway. Since i maxed up all my defensive traits for PVP, i feel invincible. My mantra latley has been the old one 'while i live my friends will not die', and it's so true. By playing to one of the strengths of a paladin (surivability), you can achieve a lot in pvp.

I'd encourage you to go deeper into prot :D
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