Is reckoning needed?

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Is reckoning needed?

Postby Girard » Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:05 pm

Since reckoning, and redoubt, are both based off being hit, and as my avoidance increases, the viability of both decreases. 10% chance of less then half of my attacks hit == ~5% chance to actually get a proc, if that.
Redoubt suffers the same problem, as my avoidance increases, the times it comes up decreases, and even then it's a rather redundant talent once you get holy shield, which is far more reliable and offers a damage return with bonus threat too.

I figure Weapon Expertise over reckoning will offer more reliable threat (fewer misses/parries/dodge) and the Devo aura will offer better and more reliable mitigation overall to my party. The 3 pts into D.Int are just throwaway points, honestly.

Is this spec viable for a raiding scenario? or is the standard 0/49/12 spec still the better option?
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Postby Prepared » Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:05 am

It is still better than Weapon Expertise, and 3 points in Imp. Seal of the Crusader would benefit your threat-per-mana more than 2 points in Divine Intellect.
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Postby Mortehl » Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:16 am

Girard, I've been questioning the use of reckoning versus raid bosses myself lately.

I tried an experimental build last night (See my build theorycrafting post) and although the experiment was ultimately a failure (wtfpwnage), I did pick up a couple things:

1) Imp SoR is VERY useful. The amount of damage it outputs was pretty f'in sweet when used in conjunction with SoTC.

2) Threat generation was off the hook. I was at 3k+ TPS during maulgar and averaged +1200~+1500 TPS on Gruul despite ground slams.

Next week, I am going to give up reckoning to put Ardent Defender back in place, plus make a couple of other minor tweaks.

BTW - Redoubt is worth the 5 points and shield specialization is as well. Redoubt has a nack of filling in the lag on re-application of holy shield. Shield spec adds a very nice amount of damage reduction. Remember, even 1 point of damage reduced adds up over time.

If I were you, I'd take the 3 points out of Divine Intellect, the 3 out of precision, and 2 out of Weapon Expertise and max out Redoubt/Shield spec. I firmly believe the net result of investing 3 points into Weapon Expertise instead of precision is far more valuable to maintankadins.
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