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Avenging Wrath change

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Re: Avenging Wrath change

Postby ZorKesh » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:35 am

Thels wrote:So, with a lower cooldown and generating a higher SotR uptime per use, HA clearly beats SW around.

Let's take into account this Trinket (lowers cooldown for "wings") and recent change of GC...

Can you calculate would HA better than SW under these conditions?
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Re: Avenging Wrath change

Postby Thels » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:48 am

It's a little tricky to include that trinket. I'm still not 100% sure how they calculate it.

If you're offtanking, you no longer get GC procs, so SW beats HA per use by less than a single HoPo. If you are tanking, and receive as few as 1 GC proc during HA, HA still beats SW per use.

Also, do keep in mind that while SW and HA both generate almost the same amount of HoPo, HA packs these together, so that you have 100% uptime for a while, even at 0% haste. SW at 0% haste will leave holes in your SotR uptime, unless you get a GC proc every six seconds. Without GC, you generate 25 HoPo. You want to generate 30 HoPo, so you need at least 20% haste to get 100% uptime without relying on GC procs.

With less than 20% haste (or with just above 20% haste, due to latency and what not), I would still highly recommend HA, as you'll be assured of a full uptime for a certain period of time. Keep in mind that for Challenge Modes, you're very likely to be in less than 20% haste.

Above 20% haste it's more of a personal thing. HA generates slightly more HoPo per use when tanking, while SW generates slightly more HoPo per use when not tanking. HA will of course be available more often, even with the trinket, so if you use it on CD, then it obviously wins. If you save it for certain periods, and SW has short enough CD to cover these periods as well, SW could win due to the extra healing received.
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